Veteran Analyst Peter Brandt Issues Super Bullish Price Prediction for Bitcoin

The veteran trader and market commentator Peter Brandt has unveiled a new price prediction for Bitcoin that could prove to be his most bullish yet.  While speaking during an interview held on March 26 at Real Vision’s “Crypto Gathering“, Brandt predicted that Bitcoin could appreciate more than 250% during the current bull cycle, citing historical […]

Crypto Influencer Ben Armstrong: These Five ‘Cheap’ Altcoins Have Huge Potential

Earlier this week, crypto analyst and influencer Ben Armstrong looked at five “cheap” (under a penny) altcoins that offer potential for “huge gains.” Armstrong discussed his five picks in a video released on his very popular YouTube channel “BitBoy Crypto“. Armstrong started with blockchain-based point-of-sale protocol Pundi X (NPXS). Despite its current small price, Armstrong said that recent developments […]

Institutional Flows to Crypto Investment Products Slow, but Total AUM Increase

The total assets under management across cryptocurrency exchange-traded products have increased to $58.7 billion while trading volumes and institutional flows slowed significantly. According to CryptoCompare’s latest Digital Asset Management Review, since the end of February, the total assets under management of digital asset investment products rose 8.76% but average weekly asset inflows across all major […]

Bitcoin Mining Stocks Are Outpacing BTC Gains: Report

A new report shows bitcoin mining stocks have managed to outpace the gains of BTC since the start of the bull run, despite being a risky, young industry.

Crypto Lending Explained: Here’s Why Interest Rates Are so High

Written by: Matt Johnes, a crypto trading bots enthusiast and a content writer at TradeSanta. (My final goal is to help readers find what they need, understand what they find, and use what they understand appropriately). Summer 2020 saw a DeFi boom, the platforms that enabled their clients to lend and borrow a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, […]

Max Keiser: Bitcoin Could Replace the $5 Trillion a Day Forex Market

Bitcoin bull Max Keiser says increased adoption for BTC as a form of payment will force banks out of business, capitalizing on the $5 trillion a day forex market.

Pomp Calls Bitcoin an ‘Apex Predator’, Says Traditional Markets Are Being Manipulated

Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano says traditional financial markets are being manipulated by the Fed with money-printing.

Van de Poppe: How To Take Advantage of the Altcoin Bull Cycle

Michaël van de Poppe told followers how to make the most of the ongoing altcoin bull cycle, recommending a dollar cost averaging or swing trading approach.

Top Crypto Trader Updates Followers on Favorite Altcoin Picks

Top crypto trader Cantering Clark told followers he was bullish on NFT platform Shroom.Finance, predicting it would outperform bitcoin in the long-term.

Goldman Sachs Report: Bitcoin Returns Blowing Away All Other Assets in 2021

Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs says returns on Bitcoin have been blowing away all other financial assets throughout the year. According to a report by CoinDesk, the historic Wall Street firm began including Bitcoin in its weekly ranking of global asset-class returns at the end of January, when BTC quietly appeared at the top of […]

Two Prominent Crypto Analyst Team Up To Discuss Little-Known Altcoins

Popular crypto trader Ben Armstrong and Crypto Rich teamed up to discuss the potential of three privacy-focused altcoin.

Popular Financial Advisor Suze Orman Reveals She Is a Fan of Bitcoin

Popular financial advisor Suze Orman says she is a fan of bitcoin, noting its value as a potential replacement for gold.

Political Commentator Ben Shapiro Predicts Bitcoin Will Gain in Popularity as Faith in Governments Wanes

Right-wing political commentator Ben Shapiro says Bitcoin will increase in popularity as Americans lose faith in centralized governments.  Speaking in a recent YouTube video titled “Bitcoin: The Future of Finance or Fool’s Gold?”, Shapiro told followers the current market for cryptocurrency would become less volatile over time as big names adopt the technology. Shapiro singled […]

Crypto Trader Lark Davis Shares Tips to Find Altcoins With 100x Potential

Popular cryptocurrency trader and influencer Lark Davis has shared with his audience tips to find altcoins with the potential to give investors 100x gains, turning every dollar invested into $100 over a period of time. In a new video, first spotted by Daily Hodl, Davis told his over 230,000 YouTube subscribers that one of the […]

Altcoin Daily Host Highlights Crypto Projects Going Mainstream in March

Altcoin Daily host Austin Arnold updated followers with a list of coins that could go mainstream in March, highlighting ethereum’s recent offering on the Amazon Managed Blockchain.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Discount Could Spark BTC Rally to $100,000, Says Bloomberg Analyst

Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone says bitcoin could rally to $100k in response to a negative premium for Grayscale’s flagship product GBTC.

Goldman Sachs Analyst Says Tesla Should Dump Bitcoin for Stock Buyback

Goldman Sachs analyst Gary Black says Tesla would be better served by dumping its bitcoin in favor of pursuing a stock buyback.

CME’s Crypto Futures Volume Close to $60 Billion in February: Report

Last month the cryptocurrency futures contracts offered by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) saw their trading volume reach $59.6 billion. Its BTC futures made up the majority of the trading volume, with the newly launched ETH futures contracts reaching $1 billion. According to CryptoCompare’s February 2021 Exchange Review, CME’s bitcoin futures trading volume increased by […]

Shark Tank’s ‘Mr Wonderful’ Suggests Bitcoin Could Hit $100,000

Shark Tank star Kevin ‘Mr. Wonderful’ O’Leary says he has changed his stance on bitcoin, predicting the market capitalization could rise to $20 trillion.

Top Bitcoin Strategist Calls Market Bottom, Says It’s Time to Buy the Dip

Top crypto trader Capo told followers the bottom was likely in for bitcoin, noting the RSI and heatmaps for BTC were indicating a bullish return.

Billion-Dollar Whale Transfer May Have Triggered Crypto Crash: Report

The recent price correction for bitcoin was likely triggered by an incorrectly interpreted whale transfer, according to on-chain analyst Willy Woo.

Crypto ETP Assets Under Management Swell to Near $44 Billion

The assets under management (AUM) of cryptocurrency exchange-traded products (ETPs) have swollen to close to $44 billion, even as trading volumes for these products dropped when compared to last month. According to CryptoCompare’s Digital Asset Management Review, the assets under management across all cryptocurrency ETPs surged by 50% to $43.9 billion, despite the trading volume […]

Veteran Analyst Explains Why is Bearish on Bitcoin Right Now, Says $100K ‘Years Away’

Market analyst Clem Chambers has weighed in on Bitcoin’s recent price pullback, noting that “billions of profits” are left to be had closing out stop losses in the event of a flash crash.  Chambers is the CEO of stocks and investment website ADVFN . As well as running Europe and South America’s leading financial market website, he […]

Crypto Analyst Michaël van de Poppe Updates Bitcoin Levels to Watch

Michaël van de Poppe updated followers on his forecast for the crypto markets, predicting bitcoin’s price correction would continue further in the short-term.

Coin Bureau: How to Avoid Getting Burned in Altcoin Market

Popular YouTube commentator Coin Bureau updated followers several methods to avoid getting burned in the altcoin market.

Crypto Analyst Says He Is Planning to Invest More in What Could be a Hidden Gem

Recently, pseudonymous analyst and trader “Cantering Clark” revealed a low-profile altcoin that he is very interested in. According to several recent tweets, Clark mentioned great interest in the project Decentralized Traded Funds (DEXTF). DEXTF is “a revolutionary on-chain non-custodial asset management protocol” that connects “peer to peer investors and portfolio managers.” It “enables digital-native funds […]

Millennials Will Transfer ‘Trillions’ Into Crypto, Says Morgan Creek Co-Founder

Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Mark Yusko says millennials are set to inherit $37 trillion in wealth, leading to a potential boom in the market cap potential for bitcoin and crypto-assets.

Bitcoin’s Price Rally Is the ‘Start of a New Age’, Says Wedbush Securities Analyst

Wedbush Securities managing director Dan Ives wrote a note to clients highlighting bitcoin’s adoption by corporate entities, saying interest in the crypto-asset was not just a fad.

Bill Gates ‘Neutral’ On Bitcoin, Supports Digital Currencies

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said he had a neutral view on bitcoin but was overall supportive of the digitalization of money as a way to reduce costs and increase transparency.

Max Keiser Issues Jaw-Dropping Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin bull Max Keiser says the price of BTC could increase by 4,000 percent due to dollar hyperinflation created by the Fed’s money-printing policy.

German Cannabis Company Using Bitcoin to Hedge Against Fiat

Munich-based cannabis company SynBiotic SE has become the first listed company in Germany to invest in bitcoin as a hedge against inflating fiat currency.

Crypto Analyst Warns Investors To Secure Short-Term Gains

Crypto analyst Alex Saunders has issued an emergency warning to investors to begin taking profits ahead of the next market correction.

Elon Musk Inadvertently Helps Little-Known Crypto Surge Over 1000%

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has inadvertently helped the price of a little-known cryptocurrency surge by over 1,100% in a short amount of time after tweeting out there will be a “MarsCoin,” following up on a suggestion on social media. After saying he would pay major Dogecoin holders to dump their DOGE, a user on the […]

CryptoCompare Report Highlights Top Crypto Exchanges and Why They Stand Out

Cryptocurrency exchanges have over time kept on increasing their operational standards and transparency, to the point most trading platforms are now considered Top-Tier and improved security has led to fewer hacking incidents. According to CryptoCompare’s Exchange Benchmark report, Top-Tier exchanges, those graded AA-BB, have gained an additional 13% market share in the last four months, […]

Bitcoin Price Will Hit $250,000 in July, Top Crypto Trader Predicts

Popular crypto trader Kaleo published charts showing bitcoin making a rally to $250k by mid-summer, in addition to giving updates on top altcoin picks.

Elon Musk Says He Would Pay Major Dogecoin Holders to Dump Their DOGE

Elon Musk drew attention to dogecoin’s concentration among top wallets, saying he would support the project if the whales sold their DOGE.

JPMorgan May Get Into Bitcoin Based on Client Demand, Co-President Hints

JPMorgan Chase co-president Daniel Pinto hinted at the bank getting into bitcoin, saying the demand from clients would likely be there “at some point.”

8 Altcoins Austin Arnold Says Are About To Take Off

Altcoin Daily host Austin Arnold has updated followers on a handful of crypto-assets he thinks are about to take off.  In a recent YouTube video, popular trader and crypto influencer Austin Arnold highlighted a series of altcoins and decentralized finance (DeFi) products, calling Uniswap (UNI) the number one project to keep an eye on. Arnold […]

How To Find Altcoin Gems That Can Generate 100x Gains, According to Trader Lark Davis

Crypto trader and influencer Lark Davis updated followers on his method for finding altcoin gems, saying to focus on token sales and non-ethereum-based DeFi products.

Gold Firm CEO Says Bullion May Act As a Hedge Against Cryptocurrency

Newcrest Mining Ltd. CEO Sandeep Biswas told Bloomberg the rising tides of crypto-assets would drive more investor interest to gold due to its price stability.

“Is it you Elon?” Mysterious Dogecoin Address Holds 27% of DOGE’s Supply References Tesla’s CEO

A single anonymous dogecoin address contains more than 36 billion DOGE, accounting for 27 percent of the meme coin’s entire market supply.

CryptoQuant CEO Predicts Bitcoin Price Will Hit $50,000 ‘Soon’

CrypotQuant CEO Ki Young Ju predicts bitcoin will reach $50k “soon” after an influx of whales sending stablecoins to exchanges.

Popular Crypto Trader Explores Which Altcoin Could Be Next To Explode

Crypto trader and influencer Ben Armstrong predicts DEX-based injecitve protocol (INJ) could be the next altcoin to take off.

Crypto Industry Underestimates Incoming Flow of Capital Into Altcoins, Says Popular Twitter Analyst

Top crypto trader Altcoin Psycho told followers he expects AKT to blow up in the coming months, while warning investors to take profits on their gains before the market turns.

Altcoin Daily Host Names Three Altcoins With Upside Potential

Altcoin Daily host Austin Arnold highlighted three altcoins for investors to follow in February, including cardano, snowswap and enjin coin.

Bitcoin Chartists Eye $70,000 Following Tesla’s $1.5 Billion Purchase

Bitcoin analysts are turning bullish and looking to $70k as the next major milestone following Tesla’s announcement of the purchase of $1.5 billion BTC.

Trader Lark Davis Shares Tips to Avoid Losing Money This Cycle

Crypto influencer Lark Davis gave followers tips to avoid losing money during the bull cycle, by recommending the avoidance of FOMO trends and taking profits on gains.

DataDash Founder Calls Current Market Biggest Altcoin Boom in History

DataDash founder Nicholas Merten says the current crypto market is shaping up to be the biggest altcoin boom in history.

Crypto Trader Lark Davis Names Five Altcoins He Believes Could 100x This Cycle

Crypto trader Lark Davis has updated his followers with five altcoin picks that have the potential to turn 100x in the current bull cycle.

The Musk Effect: Research Shows Elon’s Impact on Crypto Prices

A new research paper shows the impact of Elon Musk’s tweets on the price of bitcoin and dogecoin, with the latter sending trading volume exponential.

Little-Known Altcoin Meets All The Criteria For WallStreetBets Pump, Says Crypto Analyst

Crypto trader and influencer Tyler Swope predicts BAO Finance will become the next altcoin darling of the Reddit community WallStreetBets.

Top Crypto Strategist Eyes Loopring Over its Take Off Potential

Popular crypto influencer Nicholas Merten says DeFi market maker Loopring could more than double in the coming days.

Popular Trader Spotlights Four Little-Known Altcoins With Growth Potential

Crypto trader Elliot Wainman updated his followers with four little known altcoins that he thinks have the potential to undergo massive growth.

Popular Crypto Analyst: Chasing Bitcoin Rallies on News Hype Not A Good Strategy

Popular market analyst and crypto trader Michaël Van de Poppe warned investors to stop chasing bitcoin rallies generated by news hype.

Bitcoin is ‘Dramatically Undervalued,’ Says One River Asset Management CEO

One River Asset Management CEO Eric Peters called crypto-assets “dramatically undervalued” while saying the coronavirus pandemic provided the perfect backdrop for adoption.

Popular Cryptocurrency Trader Ben Armstrong Names His Top Altcoin For the Year

Top crypto trader and YouTube influencer Ben Armstrong gave his top ten altcoins for 2021, saying the market is moving to short bitcoin in favor of alts.

Crypto Trader Elliot Wainman Predicts Which Altcoins Could Take Off

Popular crypto trader and influencer Elliot Wainman said he’s bullish on altcoins despite the recent price pullback, and predicts DeFi projects and NFTs will perform well in the short-term.

Crypto Exchange FTX Launches WallStreetBets Futures to Capitalize on Retail Trading Fervor

Popular cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform has launched a WallStreetBets (WSB) index quarterly futures contract to capitalize on the retail trading fervor that has been growing over the last few days. Earlier this month, traders from the popular WallStreetBets subreddit piled into GameStop after activist investor and Chewy Inc Ryan Cohen joined its board, and in a bid […]

MVIS CryptoCompare Indices Surpass $1 Billion in AUM as Crypto Demand Keeps Growing

MV Index Solutions (MVIS) and leading cryptoasset data provider CryptoCompare have announced that products licensing their co-branded indices, have surpassed $1 billion in assets under management. In a press release shared with CryptoGlobe, both firms point out the milestone represents “the huge growth in demand amongst institutional investors” for products that provide them with exposure […]

Former White House Communications Director Compares Holding Bitcoin to Bonds

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said holding bitcoin was as safe as government bonds or gold.

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