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Bitcoin vs Bullion: Which Is the Best Store of Value?

While Bitcoin might currently be considered a novel way of storing value, precious metals — specifically gold — have remained a fungible, private, and stable method of storing value for thousands of years.

Bitcoin Arbitrage 2020: Are There Still Profits to Be Made?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency arbitrage has changed a lot over the years. As more trading bots and institutions try their hand at arbitrage, so does the strategy to try and capitalize on profitable arbitrage opportunities. The big question everyone has is “are there still profits to be made?” and I’m here to tell you that the answer is a resounding yes, but you’ll need to work for it and use the right tools.

Sub-accounts in Crypto: What They Are and How They Work

The term can refer to multiple email addresses linked to one user or secondary accounts tied to a primary account with a financial institution or a bank.

German Court Rebukes 1 Trillion ECB Quantitative Easing Program

A German court has ruled that the European Central Bank’s (ECB) quantitative-easing program is not backed by European Union treaties and have issued a three-month ultimatum to rectify the controversial measure.

Crypto Tax Reporting: The Ultimate Guide For Algorithmic Traders

In most countries around the world, the income generated from investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin needs to be reported on your taxes. This type of tax reporting is no different from stocks, equities, or other forms of property. However, for cryptocurrency traders, especially high-volume ones, the process can become tedious. In this guide, we break down crypto taxes, how they work, and the step-by-step approach you can take to properly file your taxes.

Finance 2.0 Glimpses the Event Horizon as China Launches Digital Yuan Pilot

China’s announcement to locally launch its digital Yuan is set to be a major catalyst that drives legacy financial systems into the era of bitcoin and decentralised money.

How Bitcoin Is Changing Online Businesses

Bitcoin has been around for more than ten years now. During this time, there was a lot of noise about how the future of this cryptocurrency was bleak. Governments and banks warned against the use of this “bubble that was going to burst” and advocated regular means of transaction processing.

DeFi Sees Its Biggest Month Despite Coronavirus Outbreak

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) was one of the defining trends of 2019 in the cryptosphere and, despite the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it is showing no signs of slowing down. Registering tremendous growth since the beginning of the year, DeFi maintained its growth trend even during March, registering the biggest month for the ecosystem so far.

Top Crypto-Related Things to do During Quarantine

While on the lockdown, you probably eat more than usual, stress out reading the news and spend long hours in front of your crypto charts. But this lockdown can make up for the delay in all the things you have always wanted to do.

Privacy Coins May Have ‘Communication Issues’

Many cryptocurrency projects claim to offer financial privacy. But just masking transaction data isn’t useful on its own, and privacy coins will fail if they don’t provide the mechanisms necessary for true privacy.

Crypto is Feeling the Impact of Coronavirus, But Should We Be Panicking?

Anyone watching the news over the last few weeks would be forgiven for thinking we’re right in the middle of some kind of apocalyptic nightmare. Every single news channel seems to have a ticker of live events, recording cases, and mortality in real time. 

Top 15 Crypto Lifehacks

In any industry, being a newbie means that you will inevitably make some mistakes. In crypto, mistakes equal monetary losses, which is twice as disappointing.   

Malta. Crypto Regulations That Made Blockchain Island Flourish

Malta was one of the first jurisdictions to regulate cryptocurrencies and things worked out well. Find out why.

What Exactly Is Facebooks Libra Cryptocurrency? What Are Its Challenges?

The new decade is set to launch with one of the most ambitious cryptocurrencies yet, with the social media giant Facebook’s ‘Libra’ expected to start trading in a few months. The new coin certainly has the muscle behind it: in fact, it has an entire Libra ‘Association’ 

Will 2020 Be the Year of Enterprise Blockchain?

Amid the extreme hype of the ICO boom, many corners of the blockchain sector seemed convinced that enterprises would rush to embrace the technology. Blockchain was touted as the solution to any and all business problems, finding use cases across almost every industry sector. 

Breaking Down How Crypto Exchanges and Order Books Work

Cryptocurrency exchanges process hundreds of millions of dollars worth of trades every day for millions of traders across the world. Most of us know how to fund our accounts and place orders to buy or sell the assets that we want, but do you really know how exchanges and order books work? Having an understanding of the mechanics behind order books can be a useful tool for traders to quickly assess a market and see what other traders are doing and thinking.

How to Buy Bitcoin in China If It Is Banned? | Crypto-Geography

A third of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges are based in China and they have accounted for the lion’s share of Bitcoin transactions in the first half of 2019. Due to regulations introduced in the last year, Bitcoin is teetering on the edge of getting banned and the Celestial Empire is no longer the king of the crypto jungle. This is how events escalated.   

Understanding the Cryptocurrency Trading Phenomenon

There was a time, about 10 years ago, when people used quite interesting tools to trade Bitcoin (BTC): PayPal and Liberty Reserve, eBay and Tor, forums and even the mining hardware Bitcoin Core. 

What to Know About the 5AML Directive and Its Influence on the Crypto Market

We’re at an inflexion point. Cryptoassets have existed for a little over a decade, but relevant legislation is still in its early days and lacks consistency. For instance, cryptocurrencies have not been regulated by UK law until very recently. Nonetheless, cryptocurrencies have finally come into view by British regulators. 

5 Costly Tech Mistakes Crypto Beginners Make

Admittedly, mining or trading cryptocurrency can be a volatile endeavour, but it can also be profitable and rewarding if you know what you’re doing.

How Chapter 11 can Keep Your Crypto Wallet from Being Drained

Due to its novelty and highly volatile nature, cryptocurrency raises a number of issues when it comes to bankruptcy litigations. To a recent poll conducted by INSOL International, only some 5% of insolvency practitioners answered that they had a “comprehensive or practical/working understanding” of cryptocurrency. 

Traditional Payment Processing Companies Are Increasingly Focusing on Crypto

More than two decades after the dot-com bubble ushered in a new era of digital commerce, the payment infrastructure is still very much in flux. That reality is even more prevalent as 2020 approaches, and the cryptocurrency movement is offering a new tool and a unique complication into today’s approach to executing payments. 

How Exactly Does Crypto Arbitrage Trading Work?

You may have heard of people mention arbitrage trading from time to time, but do you really understand how it works? Let’s dive into the different approaches to arbitrage, and how it works when trading crypto.

These Top Exchanges Have Been Hacked so Far or Not

On Nov. 27, 2019 around $52 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) was transferred from the UPbit hot wallet to the address of someone who is now known as UPbit Hacker #1. This, of course, is not the first or the last hack in the long list of crypto exchange breaches. Still, the more time passes, the more millions get nabbed, which raises concerns about lessons learnt. 

Why Its so Difficult to Launder Money on the Blockchain

There is still a common misconception about cryptocurrencies amongst the public. They often regard it as a method for shady deals and illegitimate companies. This stems partially from the fact that one of the first real-world use cases of Bitcoin was its use for payments on the infamous dark web marketplace Silk Road, where anonymous users could buy almost any banned product, ranging from illegal drugs to weapons. 

The Boom of Crypto Lending and DeFi Another Bubble?

The decentralized finance (DeFi) sphere where this is happening is now rapidly gaining popularity. It comprises open-source projects and is designed to make the world of finance open and free with the help of blockchain and smart contracts.

Latest Crypto Tax Guidance Shows IRS Still Confused

Written by Robin Singh, a cryptocurrency tax consultant based in the UK. He is the founder of – a cryptocurrency tax solution that automates capital gains reporting. He is a former Fintech engineer with a knack for numbers. Besides being a crypto enthusiast, he is also a passionate gamer and can be found in Orgrimmar […]

The Internet Inventors’ Trilemma; How Can Blockchain Help Solve It?

As a global society, we have become reliant on the internet. It is a tool that fuels almost every aspect of our lives. However, it is a dynamic and evolving tool, but that evolution is not always for the better. Interestingly, the internet was only proposed thirty years ago, by Tim Berners-Lee, yet, its creator has a few concerns.  

Cryptocurrency in 2025: What Does the Future Hold for Digital Money?

Written by: Dmytro, who is a CEO and Founder of Pridicto, a web analytics startup. His work has been featured in various publications, including The Next Web,, Huff Post, TechRadar, Hackernoon and  Predicting the future of the weird and wonderful world of crypto might be a tall order for even the most prolific […]

Beyond Cryptocurrencies: Why Blockchain Will Be One of Historys Key Technologies

Key stages in history are defined by mankind’s great technological leaps that touch all aspects of the way we live. These technologies, such as steam, electricity and computers, are often classed as a general-purpose technology (GPT) because of their profound impact on economy and society.  

Trading Digital Assets on an Institutional Level Is Broken and Risky. But It Pays

Institutional penetration into digital asset markets has been lacklustre at best. This reticence comes with good reason. As it stands now, trading significant volumes of digital assets is extremely expensive, operationally risky and produces major capital inefficiencies. 

CME Extends Crypto-Derivatives Footprint – What Does It Mean for the Markets?

Last week, CME announced it will launch regulated Bitcoin options starting from Q1 2020. The new product is currently under review by US regulators. However, given that CME has confirmed the news, the exchange must be reasonably confident it will get the go-ahead. The Chicago-based exchange has been successfully trading Bitcoin futures since the end of 2017, so this latest move represents an expansion of its existing cryptocurrency derivatives offering. 

Catch Me if You Can: Are Crypto-Fraudsters One Too Many Steps Ahead of the Law?

Based on a true story, the 2002 Spielberg masterpiece Catch Me If You Can is a thrilling game of cat and mouse between Tom Hanks’ FBI Agent, Carl Hanratty in his never-ending pursuit of Leonardo DiCaprio’s ingenious teenage con-man, Frank Abagnale Jr., who became one of the US’s most prolific fraudsters by the time he was 22 years old. 

Institutional Interest in Cryptocurrencies Rubber-stamps the Industrys Long-Term Viability

It is somewhat uncanny just how quickly market sentiment can change in the cryptocurrency arena.

Does Decentralized Advertising Really Work?

The internet was built on principles of freedom. It was a place for anyone to say whatever they want, free from persecution or censorship.

Gibraltar Distributed Ledger Technology Update 2019 Platos Wise Men & Fools

As someone who has been involved in the distributed ledger technology (‘DLT’) industry for the past few years, I have found it hard to write up an article on the DLT sector for a while now. 

Study: How Much Money Does a Crypto Company Need?

Blockchain and crypto startups are attracting immense investor attention on a global scale, within a handful of years, these startups have raised a whopping $46 billion to date. With such a resounding success, it’s easy to get caught up in exuberant stories of the best startups. 

How Altcoins Could Increase the Fault Tolerance of the Digital Ecosystem

A finely tuned engine involves not only a lot of moving parts, but also just the right mix of fuel to air for optimal performance. Too much air and it will lock up, and too much fuel is a waste, leading to weak performance, higher emissions, and bad gas mileage. 

An Expert Guide to the European STO

STOs – Securitized Token Offerings – are the current hot trend in the crypto industry, with more businesses and startups looking to the STO as a viable method of raising funds from public and institutional investors alike.

A Closer Look Into the World of Cryptocurrency Borrowing and Lending

Observers of the evolving digital asset markets will have noticed the increasing prevalence of lending, which comes in a growing number of varieties. 

How Will Better Blockchain Monitoring Make Crypto Safer?

Being able to monitor and query public blockchains is one of the fundamental properties of cryptocurrencies. Publicly verifiable transactions are what proves that a transfer of value occurred. Even in so-called privacy coins, there still needs to be a mechanism to prove value has been moved from one address to another.

Micromanagement: Are We Witnessing a New Era of Mobile Micropayments?

While alternative currencies are nothing new, few could’ve anticipated the sheer magnitude in which Bitcoin took the world by storm. Powered by the ever-disruptive blockchain technology, it took the cryptocurrency less than a decade to achieve a value of almost $20,000.   

Why More Exchanges Need to Adopt the SAFU Fund Model

Moons, lambos, HODLers — understanding the language of crypto means knowing your memes.

Five Ways to Trade Stablecoins

In the increasingly competitive stablecoin market, where several coins peg their value to the US dollar and other major fiat currencies, it can be difficult to stay on top of all the trading action.

Blockchain Will Do to the Real Estate Industry What Smartphones Once Did to Our Daily Routine

The real estate buying and selling process is well known as a complicated and slow one, but blockchain has already started to improve it.

11 Ways Ethereum Can Benefit Enterprises

According to research from Credit Suisse, the average lifespan of an S&P 500 company is now less than 20 years compared to the 60-year average company tenure in the 1950s. A root cause of the problem: disruptive technology.

ZedXe: Estonia-Based Crypto Exchange Reinforced with AI Management Tools for a World-Class Trading Experience, a digital currency trading platform incorporated and licensed by Estonia Financial Authority, is navigating the shift to a highly-secure and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven trading ecosystem.

Liquidators Take Charge of Cryptopia: Here Are Cryptopias Big Mistakes

Although cryptocurrencies themselves are incredibly secure, the exchanges that facilitate their movement have been far more problematic.

Roobee IEO – A New Project for the Investment Industry

IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings) have fast gained popularity in the crypto space. Roobee is one of the best examples of these new IEO projects.

Germanys First Security Token Offering Launches a Bounty Program

Business lender Bitbond, which recently launched Germany’s first Security Token Offering has just announced a bounty program where participants can earn Bitbond Tokens.

Networking on Vessel: New A-List Speakers Announced for Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise 2019

IBM Blockchain Director and Ajit Tirtha from ConsenSys join the main conference lineup.

Bitleex: The Worlds First Cryptocurrency Trading Platform With Trust Management

The Bitleex platform was created by an ambitious and young team of developers.

Distributed Versus Decentralized Tech and Why You Should Care About the Difference

Distributed ledgers – digital records stored on many computers at the same time – are everywhere. As is decentralized technology but how are they different and why should you care?

Tether and the Never-Ending Scandal: What Does the Future Hold for Stablecoins?

What started as a notable solution to the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrency markets has since turned into a never-ending scandal.

The Next Generation of Digital AssetExchange

Recently you may have heard about an exchange called Quadriga CX.

Blockchain & Real Estate: How Tokenization May Be a Game Changer for Investors and Owners

The real estate market represents one of the oldest and most significant investment classes.

Cash Vs Commodities: Examining Variations in Stablecoins

Seen as a solution to volatility in markets, stablecoins aim to offer all the benefits of cryptocurrencies, coupled with reliability and a balanced price.

Three Key Crypto Trends to Watch in Q2 2019

As the second quarter of 2019 gets underway on the heels of an impressive bitcoin and altcoin price rally, more and more eyes are turning back to the crypto markets after the longest bear market in the young industry’s history.

Airdrops, Ledger Giveaway and the Most Generous Referral Program in the Industry

We at ChainRift are proud to provide the early marketplace for innovative projects before they get listed elsewhere.

Widespread Retail Adoption of Crypto: What it Means for Your Taxes

Bitcoin being accepted by what is undoubtedly the foremost coffee business should be a net win for cryptocurrency. In the early days, the vision of spending coins in a range of establishments as actual currency was the life force of the movement.