Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to ever be created. It’s an open-source, decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto, an unknown person or group, who first introduced BTC (or XBT) to the world through an email sent to a cryptography mailing list .

It functions without a central bank or centralized administrator, and its transactions are semi-anonymous. New bitcoins are introduced to the market through a mining process, which rewards those that secure the network through what’s known as a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm.

Bitcoin’s maximum supply is capped at 21 million, and the very last BTC is expected to be mined in 2140.

Elon Musk Says Creating a New Cryptocurrency Would Be a ‘Big Pain in the Neck’

On Saturday (May 15), Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk explained why he is working with Dogecoin ($DOGE) developers to improve the meme-based cryptoasset and listed what improvement he hopes they will be able to achieve. As you probably already know, on May 12, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shocked the world by […]

Bitcoin ‘Bear Whale’ Warns Against Waiting for ‘Parabolic Advances’, Suggests Altcoins Are Overvalued

Former top Bitfinex trader Joe007 is warning against buying altcoins waiting for “parabolic advances” and being early on trends. On Twitter, Joe007 suggested that parabolic advances on several cryptoassets have already occurred and traders shouldn’t jump in on trends expecting to still be early on them, pointing out BTC, ETH, and DOGE already saw their […]

Billionaire Mike Novogratz Says 85% of His Net Worth Is in Crypto, Expects $ETH ‘To Go a Lot Higher’

In a recent interview with New York Magazine, Billionaire investor Mike Novogratz, said that 85% of his net worth is currently in cryptoassets. Former hedge fund manager Novogratz is the Founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital, “a diversified financial services and investment management innovator in the digital asset, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology sector.” Below are a few […]

$9 Trillion Asset Manager’s CIO: Bitcoin Will ‘Be Part of the Investment Arena’ for Years to Come

The chief investment officer (CIO) of $9 trillion asset manager BlackRock, Rick Rieder, has revealed he believes bitcoin will be a “part of the investment arena” for years to come, even though he argued BTC has “not reached maturity yet” as an asset. Speaking during CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Rieder weighed in on Elon Musk’s recent […]

Bitcoin’s Price May Surge Once an ETF Is Approved, Crypto CEO Says

Ki Young Ju, the CEO of blockchain analytics startup CryptoQuant, has implied on social media that once a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) is approved, the price of the flagship cryptocurrency could surge and we may “never see this BTC price again.” The crypto CEO backed his argument with a chart showing that after the first […]

Deconstructing Elon Musk’s Announcement About Tesla and Bitcoin

On Wednesday (May 12), just three weeks after agreeing with Jack Dorsey that “Bitcoin incentivizes renewable energy”, Elon Musk shook the crypto market by announcing that Tesla is no longer accepting BTC as a payment method. On February 8, the world learned from Tesla’s latest annual report (Form 10-K) that the company had invested $1.5 […]

Former Ripple Partner MoneyGram to Allow Bitcoin Buying at Retail Locations

MoneyGram has revealed it will let its customers buy and sell bitcoin at its 12,000 retail locations throughout the U.S. thanks to a new partnership with cryptocurrency exchange and ATM operator Coinme. According to CNBC, new and existing Coinme users will soon be able to buy crypto with cash and withdraw it at MoneyGram’s brick-and-mortar […]

Mechanism Capital Co-Founder ‘Originally Only Purchased $BTC To Buy $DOGE’

Last Sunday (May 9), Andrew Kang, Co-Founder and Partner at crypto-focused investment firm Mechanism Capital, talked about how the current popularity of Dogecoin ($DOGE) with retail investors is bullish for the whole of the crypto space. This is Kang’s bio: “Andrew Kang is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur and investor. He is the Co-Founder of Mechanism Capital […]

On-Chain Bitcoin Analyst Willy Woo: ‘No Way Are We Entering a Bear Market’

Popular on-chain analyst and market commentator Willy Woo has revealed that in this market cycle strong BTC holders are accumulating at an “unprecedented” level as a large number of coins are moving from short-term holders to long-term holders. In a tweetstorm, first spotted by Daily Hodl, Woo pointed out using Glasnode data that over the […]

Mark Zuckberg Posts a Photo of ‘Bitcoin’ on Facebook

On Monday (May 10), Facebook Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg got the crypto community excited by posting a photo of two of his goats, one of which is named “Bitcoin”. Here is a tweet that has a screenshot of this post: Of course, the reason for this excitement was not because the Facebook CEO […]

Analyst Says Bitcoin’s “Consolidation, Giving #altcoins Space To Continue Running”

On Monday (May 10), Bitcoin ($BTC) is continuing its consolidation around the $58,000 level while Ethereum ($ETH) keeps posting new all-time highs, today reaching as high as $4,213 on Coinbase. Data by TradingView indicates that at 04:05 UTC, on Coinbase, the Bitcoin price reached the intraday high of $59,592; currently (as of 17:30 UTC), however, […]

eBay Considering Accepting Crypto for Payments

Jamie Iannone, the President and CEO of eBay, says that the American multinational e-commerce company is considering accepting crypto for payments on its platform. During an interview with CNBC’s Squawk on the Street”, he was asked about eBay’s approach to cryptocurrencies. Iannone replied: “One of the great things about our managed payments is we’re expanding […]

Another Nasdaq-Listed Technology Company Buys Bitcoin for Its Treasury

On Wednesday (May 5), MercadoLibre, Inc. (NASDAQ: MELI), the Argentinian company that operates marketplaces throughout Latin America, mentioned Bitcoin as part of its Q1 2021 earnings report. The Latin American e-commerce giant, which is headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, said in the Form 8-K that it filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) […]

‘Demand for #Bitcoin Appears Strong as Ever’, Says On-Chain Analyst

Recently, pseudo-anonymous on-chain crypto analyst “Dilution-proof” used data from crypto analytics startups CryptoQuant and Glassnode to show that despite Bitcoin’s recent price corrections, there is still strong demand for Bitcoin. He started by saying that what was even more bullish than the Bitcoin price bouncing back at the end of last month was that that […]

Crypto Analyst Expects Bitcoin Price To Be Above $250K at Top of This Bull Cycle

Popular crypto trader and market analyst Michaël van de Poppe believes that Bitcoin will go above $250,000 before the end of the current bull cycle. During a YouTube video for his YouTube channel that was published on May 1, Van de Poppe said that he was bullish on Bitcoin in the short term and pushed […]

Crypto Analyst Explains Why There Is a Nonzero Probability of $ETH Flippening $BTC

With Ethereum continuing to outperform Bitcoin vs USD in 2021, crypto analyst and investor Qiao Wang, a former Director of Products at Messari, explains why “we have to acknowledge a nonzero probability of ETH flippening BTC around July.” Currently (as of 09:15 UTC on May 4), Bitcoin is trading around $56,196, which means that it […]

Macro-Economist Explains Why He Is Bullish on Crypto and Gives Market Predictions

On Sunday (May 2), prominent macro-economist Alex Krüger, who is the founder of asset management and advisory firm Aike Capital, explained why is bullish on crypto and what he thinks will happen to the crypto market in the short and the long term. Krüger said on Twitter: “There’s more on the way. Apple Pay. Samsung […]

Crypto Analyst Willy Woo: Bitcoin Price Could Be in $300K–$400K Range by December

Popular on-chain analyst and market commentator Willy Woo says Bitcoin’s bull run is far from over.  Woo’s comments about Bitcoin were made while he was being interviewed recently by Brett Messing, President and COO of SkyBridge for episode #208 of SALT Talks. This interview was published on April 29 on SALT’s YouTube Channel. Here is what […]

Thiel Capital Director: “Don’t Let Short Term Losses in Bitcoin Sour You on Bitcoin”

Recently, Eric Weinstein, the managing director of Thiel Capital, “an investment firm founded by Peter Thiel that provides strategic and operational support for Thiel’s investment initiatives and entrepreneurial endeavors”, advised investors to ignore Bitcoin’s short-term price fluctuations. On April 26, he wrote via a series of tweets: “Don’t let short term losses in Bitcoin sour you […]

Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman: ‘Of Course I Hate the Bitcoin Success’

Earlier today, billionaire value investor Charlie Munger, the 97-year-old Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, shared his latest thoughts on Bitcoin during a Q&A session at his company’s 2021 annual shareholder meeting. A Recap of Munger’s Past Comments on Crypto Over the past few years, Munger has been a harsh critic of Bitcoin. For example, as first CNBC […]

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary: Bitcoin Mining Becoming More Environmentally Friendly

Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary (aka “Mr. Wonderful” on ABC TV series “Shark Tank“) recently compared gold mining and Bitcoin mining, and said that the latter is showing signs of becoming more environmentally sustainable. On April 20, during an interview with with Daniela Cambone, Editor-at-Large and Anchor at Stansberry Research, O’Leary criticized gold mining: “There is no clean gold, you know. There’s just […]

CME Group: Q1 2021 Bitcoin Futures Revenue ‘Higher Than the Entirety of Last Year’

On Wednesday (April 28), CME Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CME) reported financial results for Q1 2021, and during its earnings call (aka “Q&A conference call”), the company’s top executives talked about Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH) in the context of their current/future futures products. In this article, we highlights some of the more interesting Bitcoin-related comments […]

Japan-Based Video Game Publisher Buys $100M of Bitcoin To Hedge Against Inflation

Tokyo-based video game publishing company Nexon Co., Ltd. has announced that it has recently invested $100 million in Bitcoin ($BTC). Nexon, which was founded in 1994, is a pioneer in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG)., and it is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. According to Nexon’s press release, the company has bought “1,717 […]

‘$XRP Is Breaking Out vs. $BTC’, ​Says Crypto Analyst, XRP Up 242% vs BTC in 2021

On Monday (April 26), popular pseudo-anonymous crypto analyst and trader “Kaleo” talked about $XRP’s latest breakout against Bitcoin. He said: He went on to add: Earlier today, highly respected macro-economist and crypto trader Alex Krüger also commented on $XRP’s recent price action since Bitcoin started rallying in the closing hours of last weekend after dropping […]

Elon Musk Confirms He Is a Bitcoiner and Explains Why Tesla Sold 10% of Its Bitcoin

After Tesla reported its Q1 2021 Financial Results yesterday (April 26), many in the crypto community were shocked to hear Tesla had sold 10% of its recently acquired Bitcoin. Later, the Tesla CFO and the Tesla CEO made some clarifying remarks. On February 8, the world discovered from Tesla’s latest annual report (Form 10-K), which […]

Ripple Co-Founder Says Bitcoin Should Move Away From ‘Proof-of-Work’ Consensus

Chris Larsen, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Ripple, explained why he personally believes that the crypto industry should be not just “moving to renewable sources of energy”, but also “reducing unnecessary energy use.” In a post published on Earth Day (April 22) on his personal Medium blog, Larsen said that although “many newer cryptocurrencies are […]

WeWork Accepting $BTC, $ETH, and Several Other Cryptocurrencies for Payments

American commercial real estate company WeWork has announced that it is now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment and that it pans to hold Bitcoin ($BTC) on its balance sheet. WeWork, which is a global flexible space provider, was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in New York City. According to WeWork’s press release, “in partnership […]

Legendary Billionaire Investor Is Very Bullish On Bitcoin’s Outlook

Legendary American value investor William H. Miller III says Bitcoin is still “extraordinarily” early in its adoption cycle.  Miller is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Investment Officer of investment firm Miller Value Partners, as well as the portfolio manager of firm’s mutual funds “Opportunity Equity” and “Income Strategy”. Before starting Miller Value Partners, Bill Miller and Ernie Kiehne founded Legg Mason […]

Three Arrows Capital CEO on $BTC Fall to $48K: ‘Fear Is Weakness Leaving the Market’

On Friday (April 23), on crypto exchange Bitstamp, the Bitcoin price fell below the $48,000 level for the first time since March 6 (i.e. nearly seven weeks ago). Data by TradingView indicates that at 08:10 UTC, on Bitstamp, BTC-USD fell to as low as $47,555. According to data by CryptoCompare, Bitcoin is currently (as of […]

$ETH-$BTC at Highest Level Since Aug 2018, DeFiance Capital Founder Says ‘0.1 Soon’

On Thursday (April 22), Ethereum ($ETH) reached its highest price in Bitcoin ($BTC) — 0.047284 — on crypto exchange Binance at 14:41 UTC; this is the highest level that ETH-BTC has traded at since 19 August 2018. Arthur Cheong (“@Arthur_0x” on Twitter), Founder and Portfolio Manager at Singapore-based DeFi-focused investment firm DeFiance Capital, said that […]

Raoul Pal: ‘Struggling To Not Sell All My BTC To Move My Entire Core Position to ETH’

On Wednesday (April 21), former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal, who is seen as an important influencer in the crypto community, talked about Bitcoin and Ethereum and concluded that “ETH is the better asset allocation for performance right now.” Prior to founding macro economic and investment strategy research service Global Macro Investor (GMI) in 2005, Pal co-managed the GLG Global […]

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: ‘Bitcoin Incentivizes Renewable Energy’

On Wednesday (April 21), Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square, who is a huge believer in Bitcoin, said that the flagship cryptocurrency “incentivizes renewable energy.” According to Bloomberg, on 16 May 2018, Dorsey, who is also the CEO of Twitter, shared his belief in Bitcoin with a crowd of crypto enthusiasts at the Consensus 2018 […]

China’s Central Bank Regards Bitcoin as an ‘Investment Alternative’

Li Bo, deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China (usually abbreviated to “PBoC” or “PBC”) recently called Bitcoin ($BTC) an “investment alternative.” According to a report by The Block, when asked last Sunday — during a panel hosted by CNBC at the Boao Forum for Asia — if China intended to maintain its stance […]

Veteran Trader Peter Brandt: Bitcoin’s Price Correction Is ‘Very Mild Historically’

Peter L. Brandt, who is one of the world’ most respected classical chartists and commodity traders, says that Bitcoin’s most recent price correction is “very mild” when compared to historical pullbacks.  This is what Raoul Pal, Co-Founder and CEO of Real Vision, says about Brandt: “Peter is simply one of the very best and most experienced classical […]

Parallax Digital CEO Tells ‘Rich Dad’ Author Bitcoin Could Be Over $12.5M by 2031

The latest episode of The Rich Dad Radio Show With Robert Kiyosaki, which was released earlier today, featured an interview with Robert Breedlove, Founder and CEO of Parallax Digital, who explained why he believes Bitcoin will be worth over $125 million by 2031. Kiyosaki is the highly successful author of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” […]

Legendary Investor on Bitcoin: ‘Volatility Is the Price You Pay for Performance’

On Tuesday (April 20), legendary American value investor William H. Miller III shared his latest thoughts on Bitcoin. Miller is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Investment Officer of investment firm Miller Value Partners, as well as the portfolio manager of firm’s mutual funds “Opportunity Equity” and “Income Strategy”. Before starting Miller Value Partners, Bill Miller and Ernie Kiehne founded Legg Mason […]

Arca CIO Jeff Dorman Explains Bitcoin’s Nearly $10K Drop Over the Weekend

On Sunday (April 18), Jeff Dorman, who is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at NYSE Arca (which is “the top U.S. exchange for the listing and trading of exchange-traded funds”), gave three reasons for this past weekend’s Bitcoin price crash. Data by TradingView indicates that — on crypto exchange Bitstamp — when the past weekend started (i.e. 00:00 […]

If You Want a Cheap Bitcoin Mining Rig, You Could Use a Commodore 64

A Polish computer programmer Maciej Witkowiak has reportedly created open source software for mining Bitcoin on a Commodore 64, a computer that was first released in 1982.  In a post published to GitHub, Witkowiak shared the code he created for users interested in mining BTC via the Commodore 64. According to Witkowiak, his Bitcoin mining […]

BlackRock CEO: Crypto ‘Could Become a Great Asset Class’

Recently, Larry Fink, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, said during an interview that crypto “could become a great asset class.” BlackRock, which was founded in 1988, started with just eight people working in one room. It made its Initial Public Offering on the New York Stock Exchange on 1 October 1999 […]

4000 Bitcoins: That’s How Much You Need to Buy London’s Most Expensive Apartment

Billionaire luxury real estate developer Nick Candy is reportedly ready to sell his London penthouse apartment for £175 million (roughly $240 million); and interestingly he is willing to consider offers in Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to the report by The Telegraph, the duplex penthouse is part of luxury residential and retail complex Hyde Park One, […]

Bitcoin Price Is Going to Infinity, According to Kraken CEO and the Simpsons

Last month, crypto exchange Kraken Co-Founder and CEO Jesse Powell said during an interview that Bitcoin is “going to infinity”. Well, it appears that the people who make the animated sitcom The Simpsons agree. On March 4, Powell talked about Bitcoin during an interview with Emily Chang on Bloomberg TV, and when asked how high the price of Bitcoin could […]

Turkey’s Ban on Using Crypto for Payments: A Blessing in Disguise?

Many cryptocurrency fans were dismayed to discover on Friday (April 16) that Turkey’s central bank has banned the use of cryptoassets for payments. However, the author of The Bitcoin Standard says that this might be a blessing in disguise. According to a press release by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey that came […]

CNBC’s Jim Cramer Says That Thanks to Bitcoin He Paid Off Mortgage on His House

Former hedge fund manager Jim Cramer said on Wednesday (April 14) he paid off a mortgage on a house thanks to profits from his Bitcoin ($BTC) holdings. Cramer is the host of CNBC show “Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer“. He is also a co-anchor of CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street“, as well as a co-founder of financial […]

New York Times: Bitcoin ‘Is Expected to Eventually’ Move to Proof of Stake Consensus

According to an article published on Wednesday (April 14) in The New York Times, “Ethererum, has said it is moving toward proof of stake (that switch is likely to take up to another year), and Bitcoin is expected to eventually follow.” The article by Hiroko Tabuchi, who is a climate reporter for The New York Times, […]

Guggenheim CIO: Bitcoin Could Fall to $20K-$30K Range if ‘We Get a Risk-Off Moment’

In a recent interview on CNN, Scott Minerd, Global Chief Investment Officer of Guggenheim Partners, “a global investment and advisory firm with more than $295 billion in assets under management,” talked about his outlook for Bitcoin. Guggenheim Investments is “the global asset management and investment advisory division of Guggenheim Partners and has more than $233 billion in total […]

Morgan Creek Capital CEO: No Way Bitcoin Price Goes To Zero Now, Could Hit $500K

Mark Yusko, the Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Creek Capital Management, says there’s no chance Bitcoin goes to zero after its price rally to over $60,000. During an interview with Scott Melker for the latter’s “Wolf of All Streets” podcast, Yusko called the common refrain of Bitcoin “going to zero” an impossibility at this […]

Bitcoin Price Hits Nearly $65K on the Day Coinbase Shares Start Trading on Nasdaq

Data from TradingView indicates that at 06:14 UTC on Wednesday (April 14), the Bitcoin ($BTC) price hit $64,895 on crypto exchange Bitstamp, thereby setting a new all-time high. According to Bybt, Bitcoin futures open interest across major exchanges reached a record $27.75 billion at 07:01 UTC. And here is the breakdown: As of 07:10 UTC […]

Mark Cuban Says Bitcoin Will ‘Replace Gold in the Portfolios of a Lot of People’

In a recent interview, billionaire investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban explained why Bitcoin will be replacing gold for many investors. Cuban is the majority owner of the professional basketball team Dallas Mavericks, as well as one of the “sharks” on the highly popular reality show “Shark Tank” (which is aired on the ABC television network). Cuban made his comments […]

Bitcoin Above $61K for 1st Time Since March 13, $379M in Short Positions Liquidated

At 05:00 UTC on Saturday (April 10), the Bitcoin ($BTC) price broke above the $61,000 level for the first time in four weeks, in the process liquidating nearly $400 million worth of short BTC positions across major derivatives exchanges. Data by TradingView indicates that around 05:00 UTC, on crypto exchange Bitstamp, the Bitcoin price went […]

Former Goldman Sachs Exec: Since Its Inception, Ethereum Has Outperformed Bitcoin

On Wednesday (April 7), former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal, who is seen as an important influencer in the crypto community, pointed out that since its inception, Ethereum has outperformed Bitcoin by 250%. Prior to founding macro economic and investment strategy research service Global Macro Investor (GMI) in 2005, Pal co-managed the GLG Global Macro Fund in London for global […]

Crypto Analyst: Litecoin Appears ‘Set for an Explosive Breakout’ Against Ethereum

Recently, crypto trader and influencer Nicholas Merten explained through technical analysis why he believes that Litecoin ($LTC) seems set to hugely outperform Ethereum ($ETH). His comments came in a video (titled “Is Litecoin Set For An Explosive Breakout? | Here’s What You Need To Know”) released on April 6 on his “DataDash” YouTube channel. Merten told […]

A Few Highlights From CryptoCompare’s Crypto Exchange Review Report for March 2021

On Thursday (April 8), CryptoCompare, a leading cryptoasset market data provider, released the March 2021 edition of CryptoCompare Research’s “Exchange Review” report. The March 2021 report, which was sponsored by AAX, the world’s first crypto exchange powered by London Stock Exchange Group’s LSEG Technology, provides many interesting insights, a few of which are highlighted in […]

UK-Based FinTech Firm Ziglu Now Lets You Earn 5% interest on Your $BTC Holdings

UK-based FinTech firm Ziglu announced on Thursday (April 8) the launch of “Bitcoin Boost”, a new way to earn 5% interest while you HODL Bitcoin. According to Ziglu’s press release, this account will enable Ziglu users to “earn interest equivalent to an annual percentage rate of 5% on their bitcoin.” Here is how interest is […]

Billionaire Rick Caruso’s Real Estate Firm Plans to Accept Bitcoin For Rent Payments

On Wednesday (April 7), American billionaire businessman Rick Caruso, founder and CEO of real estate and hospitality company Caruso, said during an interview that his company will soon accept Bitcoin for rent payments from residential and commercial tenants. His firm is “a privately owned, industry-renowned company that blends best-in-class real estate with five-star hospitality to create a […]

‘Rich Dad’ Author Robert Kiyosaki Says Bitcoin ‘Going to $1.2 Million’ in 5 Years

During a recent interview with Kitco News, Robert Kiyosaki, the highly successful author of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series of personal finance books, shared his latest thought on silver, gold, and Bitcoin. “Rich Dad Poor Dad“, which is one of the top 10 personal finance books of all time, “advocates the importance of financial literacy […]

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Won’t Buy Bitcoin Mined in China

Celebrity investor Kevin O’Leary (aka “Mr. Wonderful”) says he will only buy Bitcoin mined sustainably in countries that use clean energy.  Speaking in an interview with CNBC, O’Leary said he would not buy “blood coin” mined in China, and would focus his investments on BTC mined sustainably using clean energy:  “I see over the next […]

CryptoQuant CEO Says “Don’t Worry”, “$BTC Fundamentals Still Look Good”

On Sunday (March 4), Ki Young Ju, the CEO of South Korean blockchain analytics startup CryptoQuant, talked about the increasing “Kimchi premium” and why this does not mean that the Bitcoin price is about to crash. The Kimchi premium exists when the BTC price gap (%) between South Korean crypto exchanges and other crypto exchanges is positive. Earlier […]

“U.S. Isn’t Going To Ban Bitcoin,” Says Renowned Financial Historian Niall Ferguson

Recently, renowned financial historian Dr. Niall Ferguson wrote about Bitcoin as part of an article about the future of money.  According to the bio on his website, Ferguson is currently the Milbank Family Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution (part of Stanford University), which is “a public policy think tank promoting the principles of individual, economic, and political freedom.” He […]

Crypto Analyst Ben Armstrong: ‘Very Confident Bitcoin’s Going To Hit $300,000 This Year’

Recently, crypto analyst and influencer Ben Armstrong talked about Bitcoin in a video released on his very popular YouTube channel “BitBoy Crypto“. Armstrong said: “If you’re able to own one full Bitcoin, you are going to be in a very good spot… “Derivatives exchanges now offer $100,000 to $300,000 Bitcoin call options, but how keen are pro traders to […]

Kraken CEO Expects One Bitcoin To Cost As Much as a Lamborghini by Year End

Recently, Kraken Co-Founder and CEO Jesse Powell talked about Bitcoin and the upcoming Coinbase IPO during an interview with Emily Chang on “Bloomberg Technology” (a daily show on Bloomberg TV). With regard to Bitcoin, Chang reminded Powell that during their last conversation, he had said the price of Bitcoin is going to infinity. This time, Chang wanted to pin him to a specific price that […]

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