Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to ever be created. It’s an open-source, decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto, an unknown person or group, who first introduced BTC (or XBT) to the world through an email sent to a cryptography mailing list .

It functions without a central bank or centralized administrator, and its transactions are semi-anonymous. New bitcoins are introduced to the market through a mining process, which rewards those that secure the network through what’s known as a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm.

Bitcoin’s maximum supply is capped at 21 million, and the very last BTC is expected to be mined in 2140.

PayPal’s Crypto Move Paves the Way for Its Own Cryptocurrency, Says CoinShares Exec

Payments giant PayPal letting its users buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies on its platform could be “paving the way” for PayPal to launch its own cryptocurrency, possibly within the next 6-12 months, said CoinShares Chief Strategy Officer Meltem Demirors. Speaking to CNBC’s Fast Money, Demirors revealed that PayPal adding cryptocurrency buying and selling options will […]

Crypto Community’s Reaction to PayPal’s Announced Support for Cryptocurrencies

On Wednesday (October 21), payments firm PayPal announced how it is planning to support cryptocurrencies. This article examines the reactions to this news from some of the prominent members of the crypto community. Most people in the crypto community welcomed PayPal’s entry into the crypto space and saw this announcement as the most important piece […]

Bitcoin Goes Over $13K For First Time Since July 2019 Thanks to PayPal

On Wednesday (October 21), the Bitcoin price surged past $13,000 for the first time in over 15 months thanks mostly to an announcement from PayPal that it is launching support for cryptocurrencies. In the past one-month period, Bitcoin has steadily moved higher from the low of $10,365 it reached on September 22. Probably the main […]

Bitcoin Fund Listed on Toronto Stock Exchange Hits $100 Million Market Cap

Canadian investment manager 3iQ has seen its public bitcoin (BTC) fund, which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, hit a new milestone after it surpassed the $100 million market cap. The fund, called The Bitcoin Fund, is Canada’s first bitcoin fund listed on a major stock exchange, and works as an exchange-traded product (ETP) […]

PayPal Launches New Service That Lets Users Buy, Sell, and Hold Crypto

On Wednesday (October 21), payments firm PayPal Holdings, Inc. announced a major move into crypto. According to PayPal’s press release, “the migration toward digital payments and digital representations of value continues to accelerate, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased interest in digital currencies from central banks and consumers.” PayPal’s new service, which was launched today, […]

UK Publicly Listed Company Adopts Bitcoin as a Treasury Reserve Asset

On Wednesday (October 21), FinTech startup Mode Global Holdings PLC (“Mode”) announced that it had become the first publicly listed company (PLC) in the UK to adopt Bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset. The grand vision of Mode, which was founded in 2019 and incorporated on 5 August 2020, is “to build a next-gen ecosystem that […]

Bitcoin Breaks $12,300 As Chances of a U.S. Stimulus Deal by Weekend Increase

On Wednesday (October 21), the Bitcoin price went above the $12,300 for the first time in over two months after we got encouraging comments about the state of the COVID-19 fiscal stimulus talks between the Democrats and the Trump administration. At around 04:30 UTC on October 21, the Bitcoin price reached a high of $12,310, […]

Ransomware Hacking Group Donates Extorted Bitcoin to Charity

Hackers from the Darkside ransomware group, which claims to have extorted millions of dollars from various companies, vowed to “make the world a better place” and donated some of the extorted BTC to charities. In a post on the dark web, according to the BBC, the ransomware group posted receipts of 0.88 BTC ($10,000) donations […]

Analysts Warn Stock Market Volatility Could Hurt Bitcoin

Analysts warn that bitcoin’s high correlation with stocks could lead to a sudden plummeting in price if the market undergoes volatility during next month’s presidential election.

Bitcoin Breaks $11,850 as We Get Closer to a U.S. COVID-19 Fiscal Stimulus Deal

Around 07:25 UTC on Tuesday (October 20), the Bitcoin price broke $11,850 for the first time in nearly seven weeks as COVID-19 fiscal stimulus talks in Washington show more progress. According to data from CryptoCompare, the Bitcoin price went just above the $11,850 level around 07:25 UTC; currently (as of 08:30 UTC), Bitcoin is trading […]

Popular Crypto Trader Preparing for Altcoin Price Boom

Popular crypto trader SalsaTekila says hes shifting his portfolio, including part of his bitcoin, into altcoins in anticipation of a price pump ahead.

DTC Capital’s Spencer Noon Predicts $30 Billion BTC Migration to Ethereum in 2021

The head of crypto investment fund DTC Capital predicts the amount of bitcoin on ethereum’s blockchain will rise to $30 billion by the end of 2021.

Bitcoin Trading Around $11,500 as Traders Await Outcome of U.S. Stimulus Talks

On Monday (19 October 2020), Bitcoin is trading around the $11,500 level, almost 1% up over its weekend price, as traders wait for the outcome of the fiscal stimulus negotiations in Washington. At 01:00 BST on Monday, the Bitcoin price got as high as $11,532, which is the highest it has been since last Thursday […]

Crypto Community Pushes Back on BoE Governor’s Comments on Bitcoin’s Value

Crypto community members pushed back on Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey’s criticism of the lack of intrinsic value in bitcoin.

New Zealand Man Charged With Laundering Crypto and Luxury Cars

A 40-year-old New Zealand faces over 30 charges related to money laundering, including the purchase of crypto-assets and luxury cars.

Mining Profitability Drops as Bitcoin’s Hash Rate Hits New All-Time High

Bitcoin miners have struggled to remain profitable following May’s block reward halving as BTC’s hash rate hit another all-time high earlier in the week.

A Simple User’s Guide to Bitcoin ATMs

There are now more than 10,000 Bitcoin ATMs, aka BTMs, in the world — more than three-quarters of which are installed in the United States. The first Bitcoin ATM was installed in 2013. That’s seven years between the first Bitcoin ATM installation and the ten-thousandth, compared with the nine years it took banks to do […]

deVere Group CEO Expects Bitcoin Price Rally to Continue Until Year End

On Friday (October 16), Nigel Green, the CEO of independent financial consultancy deVere Group, expressed in a blog post how bullish he was about the future of Bitcoin. deVere Group was founded in 2002 by Nigel Green. The Dubai-based firm says that it has “well over 80,000 clients in more than 100 different countries – and in excess of $10 billion […]

$2.2 Billion Worth of Bitcoin Held in OKEx Wallets, Data Shows

Data shows that the prominent cryptocurrency exchange that halted withdrawals indefinitely over one of its private key holders being “out of touch” with the firm while “cooperating with a public security bureau in investigations,” has over 200,000 BTC, worth over $2.2 billion, in its wallets. Data from Glassnode seems to show that 1.1% of BTC’s […]

Bitcoin Has Been in Accumulation Phase for Last Two Years: Report

On-chain analytics firm Glassnode claims bitcoin has been in an accumulation phase for the last two years, with 14 percent of the total supply being held in accumulation wallets.

Jack Dorsey Likes Coinbase’s Plan to Sponsor ‘At Least’ Two Bitcoin Core Developers

Crypto exchange Coinbase has announced that, as part of its Crypto Community Fund, it “plans to sponsor at least two Bitcoin developers, who contribute directly to the Bitcoin Core codebase or closely associated Bitcoin projects.” According to Coinbase’s blog post, its Crypto Community Fund “aims to grow and improve the entire crypto industry, while making […]

COVID Resurgence and Stimulus Uncertainty Fuel Risk-Off Mood in Crypto Markets

On Friday (October 16), the worsening COVID-19 situation in both Europe and the U.S., along with continuing uncertainly of a fiscal stimulus deal before Election Day (November 3) in the U.S., are helping to prolong the risk-off mood in equity and stock markets. As Euronews reported yesterday, “countries across Europe are seeing a resurgence in […]

$11 Billion Worth of Bitcoin Are Stored on Coinbase’s Cold Wallets

San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase reportedly holds about 994,904 bitcoin in its cold wallets, which at current prices means the exchange has over $11 billion in cold storage. According to data from bitcoin analytics platform ChainInfo, first reported on by Decrypt, the cryptocurrency exchange has the funds stored across over 4 million BTC addresses. The […]

Another 50 Satoshi-Era Bitcoins Move After Being Dormant for a Decade

A miner or group of miners that were active in 2010 have started to move their funds across the Bitcoin blockchain while keeping privacy in mind, as another coinbase block reward of 50 BTC from November 2010 was moved. The movement, first spotted by, marks the third time bitcoins mined in the so-called “Satoshi […]

Coinbase User Transfers $463 Million in Bitcoin Leading to Speculation of Institutional Investment

A Coinbase user transferred more than $463 million in bitcoin across four transactions, triggering speculation that more high-net-worth institutions are entering the industry of cryptocurrency.

Tether’s Market Cap to Rival Ethereum in 2021: Report

Bloomberg’s Crypto Outlook report predicts Tether rivaling ethereum’s market capitalization by the end of 2021, while saying the price of BTC could rise to $100K by 2025.

Crypto Supporter John McAfee Updates Fans From Spanish Prison

Outspoken crypto supporter John McAfee has updated his supporters from a Spanish prison after being arrested on charges of tax evasion earlier in the month.

Crypto Asset Manager Grayscale Posts Record Quarter With Inflows Above $1 Billion

Cryptocurrency asset manager Grayscale Investments has released its financial report for the third quarter of the year, and revealed it raised $1.05 billion into its investment products, making it the “largest capital inflow in a single quarter in the firm’s history.” The report details that the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has kept on leading investment demand, […]

Square’s $50 Million Bitcoin Bet a ‘Strong Vote of Confidence’ for BTC, JPMorgan Analysts Say

Analysts at JPMorgan have argued in a new report that Jack Dorsey’s $50 million investment into the flagship cryptocurrency bitcoin is a “strong vote of confidence for the future of bitcoin” and a signal that the payments company sees a “lot of potential” in BTC as an asset. According to CoinDesk, JPMorgan analysts wrote that […]

Stocks and Bitcoin Fall Due to Concerns Over Stimulus and Two COVID-19 Drug Trials

On Tuesday (October 13), the U.S. stock market’s four-day winning streak came to an end. Bitcoin also fell yesterday, reaching an intraday low of $11,314 at one point. This article looks a closer look at the factors behind these declines. Equities and cryptocurrencies are both examples of risk assets. Here is how Investopedia defines the […]

Bitcoin Will ‘Be Your Only Refuge’ Says Tyler Winklevoss

Gemini exchange founder Tyler Winklevoss criticized the financial markets and said bitcoin would be the only “refuge” after stocks pumped in response to news of another U.S. stimulus package.

Stone Ridge Holdings Group Is Using Bitcoin as a Treasury Reserve Asset

On Tuesday (October 13), Stone Ridge Holdings Group LP (also known as “Stone Ridge” or SRHG), announced that it has bought over 10,000 BTC (currently, worth over $100 million) “as part of its treasury reserve strategy.” This news follows the announcements from MicroStrategy Inc. on September 15 that it had “purchased 38,250 bitcoins at an […]

Bitcoin Price Dump ‘Not Going to Happen’, Says CEO of Crypto Analytics Tool

Ki Young Ju, the CEO of cryptocurrency analytics firm CryptoQuant, has said on social media he believed a bitcoin price dump is “not going to happen,” as the price of BTC rises towards the $12,000 mark. In a tweet, Ki highlighted CryptoQuant’s mean exchange inflows metric, which is currently below the so-called “danger zone,” suggesting […]

Financial Watchdog Reports Belgian Investors Lost $12 Million to Crypto and Forex Scams

A report by the financial watchdog FSMA estimates Belgian investors lost nearly $12 million to crypto and forex-related scams over the past year.

Fake Electrum Wallet Update Has Scammed Users out of $22 Million in Bitcoin

Malware attackers have used fake Electrum wallet updates to scam users out of more than $22 million in bitcoin.

Bank of England Governor May Think Bitcoin Has Not Much Intrinsic Value, But…

According to a report by Reuters, on Monday (October 12), Bank of England (BoE) Governor Andrew Bailey commented on Bitcoin’s “intrinsic value” (or lack thereof). However, as far as “extrinsic value” is concerned, Bitcoin is doing just fine. Here is how Stanford University’s Encyclopedia of Philosophy explains the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic value: “Intrinsic […]

Prominent Crypto Analyst: Bitcoin’s Currently Low ‘PE Ratio’ Is ‘Very Bullish’

On Tuesday (October 13), prominent on-chain crypto analyst Willy Woo pointed out that, according to the metric “Network Value to Transaction” (NVT), Bitcoin is undervalued at “levels equivalent to the COVID19 white swan price bottom.” Cypto analytics firm ByteTree calls the NVT Ratio “one of the most important metrics in valuing public blockchain networks,” and says […]

Bitcoin Extortion Bomb Threats Hit Rural Japan: Report

Local government premises and schools in Japan have been being hit by various extortion attempts from someone demanding bitcoin payments, threatening to detonate explosives if the demands are not met. According to Japan Today, the threats have been received in at least 18 prefectures since July, and city halls and schools have been the main […]

Former Goldman Sachs Exec: ‘Enormous Wall of Money’ Coming Into Bitcoin

Former macro hedge fund manager Raoul Pal, who believes that Bitcoin is “a priceless reserve and collateral asset,” said that due to the increasing institutional adoption of Bitcoin he is considering selling his gold to buy more Bitcoin. Prior to founding macro economic and investment strategy research service GMI in 2005, Pal co-managed the GLG Global Macro […]

Bitcoin’s Surge to $12K Continues As We Get Closer to a COVID-19 Stimulus Deal

On Monday (October 12), Bitcoin’s surge towards the $12,000 level continues as talks go on between Washington lawmakers and the Trump Administration over the next COVID-19 fiscal stimulus package. Since September 23, Bitcoin has had a nice run, going from a low of $10,166 to a high of $11,485 on Saturday (October 10), i.e. a […]

$11 Million in Bitcoin Mined in 2010 Just Moved, Part Donated to FSF

A total of 1,050 bitcoin, worth over $11.8 million, mined back in 2010 were moved over the weekend after being dormant for over a decade. Part of the funds, well over $100,000, were donated to the Free Software Foundation (FSF). The transactions were first spotted by cryptocurrency trader Kirill K., who pointed out the funds […]

Hedgeye CEO Sells All His Bitcoin, Says Market Decelerating

Risk management firm Hedgeye’s CEO Keith McCullough says he’s sold all of his bitcoin after predicting the crypto markets would enter a period of deceleration.

Tyler Winklevoss Predicts Wave of Institutional Investment for Bitcoin Following Square’s $50 Million

Tyler Winklevoss predicts a wave of institutional investment following the announcement of Jack Dorsey’s Square, Inc. purchasing $50M in bitcoin.

Ethereum Fees Eclipse Bitcoin For Record Straight Two Months

Ethereum fees have eclipsed bitcoin’s for a record straight two months, after the surge in DeFi popularity led to a spike in transaction costs through August and September.

Bitcoin Rally on Pause As Pelosi Rejects Trump’s $1.8 Trillion Stimulus Proposal

On Sunday (October 11), Bitcoin is trading around $11,350, seemingly waiting for the House Democrats, the Trump Administration, and Senate Republicans to come to agreement on the next major COVID-19 fiscal stimulus. According to data from CryptoCompare, currently (as of 09:00 UTC on October 11), Bitcoin is trading at $11,347, down 0.25% in the past […]

Lightning Network Developers Urge Users to Upgrade Following Discovery of Vulnerability

Lightning Labs developers have urged users to upgrade the LND versions immediately following the discovery of a vulnerability in the protocol.

Bitcoin-Themed Art Piece Sells for $130,000 at Christie’s New York

The bitcoin-themed piece of art Block 21, which depicts a portion of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original code, sold at Christie’s auction house for over $130K.

Trump Wants Fiscal Stimulus Negotiators to ‘Go Big’, Bitcoin Breaks $11,400

At 02:20 UTC on Saturday (October 10), the Bitcoin price went above the $11,400 level for the first time in over five weeks. According to data by CryptoCompare, at 02:20 UTC, the Bitcoin price got as high as $11,439 — which is the first time it had gone above the $11,400 level since September 3 […]

CME Bitcoin Options Contract Volumes Surged 79% in September: Report

A total of 4,872 bitcoin options contracts were traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) in September of this year, up from 2,717 in August, according to CryptoCompare’s September 2020 Exchange Review. The 79.3% increase came in a month in which the price of the flagship cryptocurrency didn’t move to break its current range between […]

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) Surpasses $1 Billion After Growing 860% in 90 days

The amount of bitcoin (BTC tokenized on the Ethereum network via the wrapped bitcoin (WBTC) protocol has now surpassed $1 billion, after growing by over 860% in the last 90 days, from little over $200 million. The milestone comes weeks after the total value of all the bitcoin tokenized on the ETH network via various […]

U.S. Stocks Rally on Stimulus Optimism, Bitcoin Price Goes Up Thanks to Square

On Friday (October 9), optimism for a COVID-19 stimulus deal remains despite the confusing state of the talks between President Trump’s representative, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is continuing to enjoy its endorsement by Square. On Thursday (October 8), Drew Hammill, who is Deputy Chief of Staff to […]

Kruger: Bitcoin ‘Moons’ if Democrats Sweep Upcoming U.S. Elections

Popular crypto economist Alex Kruger predicts a “clean sweep” for Democratcs in the upcoming U.S. elections will benefit bitcoin.

Bitcoin Options Volume Surges on CME as Traders Bet on BTC Price Rise

The trading volume on bitcoin options listed on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has surged this Wednesday, October 7, as traders mostly traded call options, bets on a BTC price rise. According to data from Skew, first reported on by CoinDesk, the CME traded $48 million worth f options on Wednesday, the highest daily volume […]

Highlights From Square’s Bitcoin Investment Whitepaper

On Thursday (October 8), Jack Dorsey’s FinTech firm Square released a document titled “Square, Inc. Bitcoin Investment Whitepaper” shortly after disclosing that it had made a $50 million investment in Bitcoin. Square was founded in February 2009, i.e. it is 11 years old, just like Bitcoin (BTC). The three co-founders are Jack Dorsey (who is also […]

BTC Surges After Jack Dorsey’s Square Discloses $50 Million Investment in Bitcoin

On Thursday (October 8), FinTech firm Square disclosed that it had invested in Bitcoin. Square was founded in February 2009, i.e. it is 11 years old, just like Bitcoin (BTC). The three co-founders are Jack Dorsey (who is also the company’s Chairman and CEO), Jim McKelvey, and Tristan O’Tierney. At 09:05 EDT (or 13:05 UTC) on October 8, […]

Crypto Investors Waiting for Some Kind of Fiscal Stimulus Announcement

On Thursday (October 8), investors in both equities and cryptoassets seem to be anxiously waiting to see if the Trump administration, the House Democrats, and the Senate Republicans can reach agreement on some kind of fiscal stimulus package before the U.S. presidential election on November 3. On Wednesday (October 7), the Dow Jones Industrial Average […]

Billionaire Bitcoin Advocate Tim Draper Invests in India’s Oldest Crypto Exchange

Unocoin Technologies Private Limited (“Unocoin”), the owner/operator of Unocoin, India’s first crypto exchange, is close to finalising its Series A funding round, which is currently led by Tim Draper’s early-stage venture capital firm Draper Associates. Bengaluru-based Unocoin, which was founded in July 2013, has over 1.2 million users. Investors from earlier rounds (that have raised […]

New Bitcoin Addresses Hit 2-Year High Following Chinese State-Media Touting of Cryptoassets

Bitcoin new address creation reached a 2-year high last week following a marketing campaign by China targeting retail investors.

Stocks and Bitcoin Take a Tumble After President Trump Halts Stimulus Talks

U.S. stocks and cryptoassets fell on Tuesday (October 6) after President Donald Trump decided to pause negotiations with Democrats over the next major COVOD-19 fiscal stimulus package until after the U.S. presidential election. Yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq Composite closed lower 375.88 points (1.34%), 47.68 (1.40%), and 177.88 […]

Ripple Considering Moving Headquarters to a More Crypto-Friendly Jurisdiction

On Tuesday (October 6), Chris Larsen, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Fintech firm Ripple Labs, said that his firm is considering moving its headquarters from San Francisco, California to a more crypto-friendly jurisdiction in Europe or Asia. Chris Larsen was born in San Francisco, California, and got his bachelor’s degree (B.S.) in accounting and business administration in […]