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Management Sends Bullish Signal to Market with $1.1 Million Personal Investment in BTCS, A Rising Publicly Traded Bitcoin Star

BTCS Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS), a publicly traded Company focused on digital assets and Blockchain technologies, recently announced that management invested $1.1 million in the Company.  This is a particularly bullish sign for investors in BTCS, as it provides strong evidence of management’s belief in its business model and growth potential. The round was led by […]

Paradox Group Launches New Crypto Marketplace

Many blockchain and digital asset companies find it hard to advertise effectively. Not only have these companies been barred from mainstream advertising networks like Facebook and Google Ads, but they must often work with individual publishers or subpar advertising companies to market their services/products. In order to solve this issue and to bring a wider […]

Blockfills Announces Over $50M in Financing Deployed to Miners, Launches North American Mining Pool, Says Hashrate Derivatives Are Next

November 18th Chicago, IL Blockfills, a global leader in digital asset liquidity, technology and financial services announces a significant milestone in their leading financial services product. Blockfills announced in May that it would be providing financial solutions to mining companies who wish to purchase new generation ASIC mining equipment to restructure or grow their operations […]

Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Posts 17% Returns on Bitcoin Funds in Q3 2020

Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital returned 17 percent on its collective Bitcoin Funds, for a total of 125 percent returns year-to-date.

Which Bitcoin Casinos Are Legitimate?

Have you ever heard of Bitcoin? If you are at least someone who is on the internet at least once in a while, you may have heard it once or twice by now. You may know it as a new form of digital money that can be converted into real money. You know that some […]

Why Should Traders and Investors Trade Cryptocurrencies With a CFD Broker?

This article explains how, by offering crypto CFDs, Moneta Markets is able to provide a safe and regulated environment for clients to capitalise on the price movements of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies have risen in popularity at an exponential rate over the past few years, and while it’s somewhat romanticized by many because of their disconnection between […]

LeverageConf: The World’s 1st Dedicated Online Crypto Trading Event.

Calling All Crypto Traders! In less than a month from now, Crypto Rebel will be hosting its annual Leverage Conference – a tailored-made event made by crypto traders for crypto traders. The trading community is a huge part of the crypto ecosystem and it’s our core mission to help people become better at investing for […]

Multilotto: Play Transparent Online Lotteries With Equal Opportunities for Every Player

When you hear about gambling, you’ll remember some fancy Casino resorts in Las Vegas and Macau or some local brokers in your street. The gambling system has evolved beyond the traditional houses to online gambling. Online gambling is valued at US$ 46 billion, and it is projected to around US$ 96 billion in 2024. Lotteries […]

The Revolutionary New B2Broker Website Set to Conquer the Liquidity Provision Industry

B2Broker is on course for perfection, striving to develop its products and drive revolutionary solutions to the market. The company pays close attention to detail and is pleased to welcome clients to the new website which reflects our recent achievements and progress. Introduction to the Crypto World Have you ever wondered how cryptocurrencies are opening […]

Crypto Pair Trading: The More, the Better

Trading crypto is markedly different from mainstream stock markets.  Although there are similarities in platforms and trading tools, differences feature in their execution styles. For instance, in the securities market, a trader can open an account and use fiat currencies straight from their bank account to purchase their preferred stocks or bonds but in the […]

Are Bitcoin Casinos Safe to Gamble With?

Online casino gaming has been on a continuous rise in recent years and this is understandable. Playing casino games online is simply convenient and players are always offered plenty of options by many online casino operators when it comes to the different games that they can play and even bonuses that they can take advantage […]

Best Ways to Use Cryptocurrencies

People usually take two sides when talking about cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, they might find the conversation boring since they know nothing about the subject. On the other hand, they’ll gladly talk about it because they are familiar with the industry and perhaps even own some cryptocurrency. In case you belong to the first […]

Dock Launches Mainnet For The Creation of Verifiable Credentials

In just a few days, Dock will be introducing its mainnet with the aim to solve many of today’s issues with digital credentials. Scheduled for September 30, 2020, the mainnet launch is the culmination of years of collaboration, hard work, and testing that brings to the market a bespoke credential issuing and verification platform. Dock […]

CoinJar Introduces ‘CoinJar Bundles’ Designed to Simplify Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service CoinJar, today announced the launch of “CoinJar Bundles’, designed to simplify the creation and management of diversified cryptocurrency portfolios, especially for new investors into the sector. CoinJar Bundles allow CoinJar customers to seamlessly purchase multiple cryptocurrencies in one transaction. CoinJar has curated a collection of bundles, including the largest cryptocurrencies […]

Ternio Reveals BlockCard Users Can Now Purchase Bitcoin Directly From Their New BlockCard Bank Accounts

ATLANTA, GA – September 16, 2020 – For Blockcard Account users who noticed recently that they can now activate their own Blockcard bank accounts, a new feature has just gone live: Buying Bitcoin (BTC) and Ternio (TERN) directly with USD.  BlockCard bank accounts now give customers a full on-ramp and off-ramp in or out of […]

Indorse Announces Blockchain Hackathon Tackling Challenges Posed by COVID-19

Indorse, the leading platform focused on building, growing, and sustaining high-performance software engineering teams, is proud to announce the launch of the POST COVID HACK – a global and online initiative to unearth innovative Blockchain solutions to tackle the challenges posed by the pandemic. The event is co-organized with Coinsilium, a Blockchain, DeFi, and Crypto […]

Will Cryptocurrencies Take Over the Online Gambling Platforms?

The online gambling landscape has constantly been shifting in the last two decades, and we’ve been here to witness every change. Most of the land-based casinos and bookies have gone online. Since there are millions of passionate gamblers, cryptocurrencies have targeted the perfect industry, and we have seen significant growth in the number of crypto […]

How the Use of Cryptocurrencies Has Affected Different Industries

When it comes to making transactions online, the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other more has now become more popular. Cryptocurrencies have been publicly available since 2009 and it was in 2017 when it started to gain more attention. In 2017 was when the value of Bitcoin jumped from 1,000 US […]

Bittrex Global Welcomes Centric As First-Ever TRC20 Token Listed On The Platform

Two years ago, tech entrepreneur Justin Sun launched TRON, an ambitious blockchain project aiming to expand the field of decentralized finance (DeFi). With a mission to decentralize the internet, TRON is frequently compared to blockchain veteran Ethereum. TRON, however, handles much higher transaction volume with minimum energy consumption, making it an attractive blockchain platform alternative […]

CEO Of BTCS Explains How The Company Surpassed $1M In Crypto Assets

BTCS Inc. is a publicly-traded cryptocurrency and blockchain company that recently surpassed the $1 million milestone in crypto assets under management (AUM). The landmark achievement comes after crypto prices recovered from the mid-March slump (Black Thursday). Reports indicate that Bitcoin-focused crypto hedge funds are outperforming their more-traditional counterparts. BTCS plans to pursue a measured approach […]

Forum Topics on First HashCon 2020 & New Infrastructure Mining Summit in China’s Chengdu Revealed

Bitcoin finally broke the resistance zone of $12,000, ETH transaction fees are also skyrocketing with the price of moving tokens around on the Ethereum blockchain continuing to balloon, China’s Sichuan has encouraged blockchain companies to help consume excessive hydroelectricity in the rainy season, Filecoin mining is in full swing now…… The excitement of making a fortune, the […]

Margin Trading and Lending on the Crypto Market

In recent years, many of you who are interested in crypto, probably have noticed the continuous growth of the number of new exchange products that help earn from lending and margin trade. In case, there are unknown terms, a short note: Margin trading is trade with the help of borrowed funds. Turning to the details,  […]

Ternio’s ERC-20 TERN Token Listed On Global Crypto Exchange Bibox

ATLANTA, GA – August 10, 2020 – Ternio’s ERC-20 payment token TERN, has been listed by global cryptocurrency exchange, Bibox. This news comes two months after Ternio’s announcement that they would be burning ten percent of the TERN supply, previously hosted on the Stellar Network, and making it available as an ERC-20 asset. Since the […]

Nomura Research Institute Develops Price Appraisal Solution for Cryptoassets

Leading consulting and solutions provider Nomura Research Institute (NRI) has announced the launch of a new index for calculating the reference price for crypto-assets.

Why 2020 Is the Year of Tether

Ever since it was launched in 2009, Bitcoin may have dominated the cryptocurrency news – but this year, we’re likely to see a lot more written about another form of crypto: Tether. First established in 2014 by the Hong Kong-based company Tether Holdings Limited, it’s no secret that Tether has long had a controversial reputation. […]

How to Create a Great Crypto Portfolio

Cryptocurrency and its market have been one of the most revolutionary financial inventions, so take advantage of it with some solid tips on how to create a great crypto portfolio. 

BTCS Crypto Fund Grows 130% in Q2 2020 Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

While many crypto funds struggled to recover from the market downturn experienced in March, BTCS has seen its portfolio grow by 130% in Q2 2020. Perfectly timed investments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have BTCS attain a cryptocurrency asset under management (AUM) status of $1.02M.

Shopify Now Allows Cryptocurrency Payments: Will It Help Widen Its Market?

The use of cryptocurrency is becoming more popular as more people and industries are starting to embrace it. It took quite a while for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DogeCoin.

SimpleSwap Released a Mobile App for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

SimpleSwap, a cryptocurrency exchange, has recently issued a mobile app. The mobile app is available for two platforms: iOS and Android.

Gutemberg Dos Santos Talks About 2020 Sparking a New Age of Crypto Economy

Gutemberg Dos Santos, a tech entrepreneur from the crypto industry claims 2020 as the start of a new age of crypto-economy. 

U.K Startup Is Bringing Advertising Back to the Crypto Industry

Cryptocurrencies have been growing for over a decade now, having so far reached their popularity peak in 2018 when the Bitcoin price quickly hit the $20,000 mark before crashing abruptly.

Hangzhou International Blockchain Week 2020 Concluded | Collection of Guest Speakers Views

The event, with supports from state-backed blockchain alliance BSN and a lineup of leading blockchain organizations, brought together a dynamic mix of entrepreneurs, investors and medias of the blockchain industry Announced the Listing of FIO Protocol ($FIO) with Airdrop, Investment Product, Trading Contests, & Bounty Program (, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the listing of FIO Protocol ($FIO) on July 9th at 10:00 a.m. EDT. 

CoinMetro Opens Doors for U.K. Crypto Traders by Adding Support for GBP

CoinMetro, one of Great Britain and the EU’s most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange platforms, is pleased to announce that they will now support deposits, withdrawals and trading with the British pound sterling (GBP).

Shopify Now Allows Cryptocurrency Payments: Will It Help Widen its Market?

The use of cryptocurrency is becoming more popular as more people and industries are starting to embrace it. It took quite a while for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DogeCoin, and many other more to get where it is today. After all, the father of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, has been around since 2008. It was really only a few years ago when it made the spotlight.

BitMax.Io Announced the Listing of BetProtocol ($BEPRO) with a One-Month Pre-Staking Program (, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the listing of BetProtocol ($BEPRO) on June 18th at 10:00 a.m. EDT. 

Certified Marketing Thanks To Blockchain: A New Boost For Business

Blockchain, the technology that enabled the creation of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, guarantees security and transparency at the highest levels in transactions and processes. What are the new possibilities that open up for marketing?

ANON Summit 2020 Prepared to Welcome 5000+ Attendees

Vienna, Austria, May 12 2020 — With one week to go until their event on May 19-20, ANON Summit 2020 already has over 5000 registered attendees eager to participate in online panels, workshops, expos, and networking.

Gambling for a Good Cause CryptoSlots Donates All Proceeds From New Slot to the Fight Against Coronavirus

CryptoSlots released their newest slot, Micro Monsters, a game filled with bonus extras to beat the reels’ viral critters. The biggest bonus, though, is that every bet made on the slot will be do-nated by the crypto casino to Direct Relief, a charity supporting health workers and patients dur-ing this pandemic.

ANON Summit 2020 Is Moving Into a Fully Online Experience

The move to a digital format will make the event accessible to everyone despite COVID-19 and the restrictions it has caused for travel and large in-person gatherings. The event is scheduled to take place on 19-20 May 2020, when many are still expected to be under quarantine.

Online Terra Crypto 2020 conference

This is an international online conference that plans to bring together representatives of different countries from the CIS and Asia to improve the interactions between the countries. A key feature of the forum is its focus on the market, which allows you to collect a specialized audience that is interested in mining.

Coronavirus Scam Domain Seized After Owner Attempted to Sell for Bitcoin

The US Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security seized a fraudulent website related to COVID-19 after its owner attempted to sell the domain for bitcoin. 

Avoid Liquidation – Trade Bitcoin with Leverage in Options

Since 2018, the so-called “crypto winter”, derivatives trading almost became the go-to choice for investors in the cryptocurrency space, because of its leverage and hedging functions. 

TRON Partnering with Refereum to Generate Rewards for Gamers Stuck Indoors

TRON has announced a partnership with gaming rewards platform Refereum to provide users TRX and BTT prizes amidst ongoing stay-at-home orders. 

Institutional Crypto Platform OSLs Revenue Increased 737% in 2019

Institutional Hong Kong-based crypto trading platform OSL reported an increase in revenue of 737 percent in 2019. 

Equilibrium Will Co-Host DeFi Stage at CryptoCompares Summit

Equilibrium, the decentralized finance project responsible for the EOSDT stablecoin, will help host the programming on the DeFi stage for CryptoCompare’s Digital Asset Summit in London on March 10.

Rakuten Wallet Launching Crypto Margin Trading in Spring 2020

Rakuten Wallet, the crypto division of the online giant, has announced upcoming support for margin trading. 

5 BTC Welcome Package, Daily Bonuses, and Much More, at mBitcasino!

Founded in 2014, mBitcasino is one of the first licensed Bitcoin casinos out there. It’s not only its longevity that recommends mBitcasino as a top option to play at, but also its large game collection (more than 2,000 bitcoin games), its flexibility (mBitcasino accepts crypto and FIAT), its top-notch services (24/7 Customer Support and dedicated VIP hostesses), and everything in-between. 

How BTCS Aims to Acquire Digital Assets in Disruptive Verticals Based on Thorough Criteria

BTCS Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) is one of the first U.S. publicly traded company solely dedicated to the blockchain and digital asset sector. This company plans to expand and diversify its existing portfolio of digital assets to provide investors with indirect ownership of compelling digital assets, which are not qualified as securities. 

Libra Association Member Bison Trails Adds Support for Ontology Nodes

Libra Association member Bison Trails has announced a new partnership with Ontology to integrate Triones Node infrastructure. 

Crypto-Broker Instacoins Receives Operating License in Estonia

Instacoins Estonia OÜ, a cryptocurrency brokerage, is pleased to announce it has received an operating license from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). The company is now fully regulated under Estonian law to provide services of exchanging virtual currency against fiat. 

AiX Launches Worlds First Natural Language AI Broker

AiX aims to transform OTC markets with a revolutionary artificial intelligence-powered broker for institutional markets

An Interview With Mary Spio, CEO & Founder Of CEEK VR

CEEK VR is a revolutionary platform offering blockchain-based streaming for content creators worldwide. Through the use of blockchain technology, this innovative company offers immersive entertainment and educational experiences.

Freewallet Family Launches Update 2.0 for 16 Standalone Wallets

The Freewallet Family has launched version 2.0 for 16 standalone wallets. The company updated 11 single-currency applications on Android and 5 apps on iOS for a total of 11 coins and tokens.  

Security Tokens Realised Global Awards 2020

Juliet Summits are delighted to facilitate the 3rd installment of Security Tokens Realised Awards to recognise the companies that are leading the drive towards Securities and Assets Tokenization. 

Bitwage Partners With ConsultaBit to Launch Dollar Cost Averaging Calculator

Crypto payroll services provider BitWage has partnered with ConsultaBit to offer clients a dollar cost averaging calculator for bitcoin. 

Cointelligence Academy Launches Crypto Trading Course With Mati Greenspan

Cointelligence Academy has launched a cryptocurrency trading course taught by Mati Greenspan, one of the most trusted and respected analysts in the crypto industry. This comprehensive course can take you from a beginner to a confident trader armed with well-researched knowledge of the market.

How Blockchain Technology Can Provide a Global Software-as-a-Service Platform

Since the ICO boom in 2017, cryptocurrency projects have been crawling out of the woodwork, offering up answers to problems plaguing the industrial sector. From improving supply chain management to a complete overhaul of the financial system, there is a myriad of blockchain solutions out there, but choosing the right one is imperative.

AMD and Ultra Announce Partnership for Blockchain-Fueled Gaming

AMD and Ultra have announced a new partnership to deliver blockchain-based gaming for next-generation development. 

Kraken Joins Silvergate Exchange Network Enabling Fee-Less, Real-Time Transfers

Crypto exchange Kraken has joined the Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN) which allows for fee-less, real-time deposits and withdrawals.