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Mike is a financial and cryptocurrency journalist for CryptoGlobe covering the industry since 2017. Mike is an alumnus of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

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‘Every Single Person’ is Underestimating Bitcoin, Says Anthony Pompliano

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano says the entire industry of cryptocurrency is underestimating bitcoin and the superiority of digitalizing products.

Goldman Sachs to Enter Crypto Market via Custody Services: Report

Wall Street banking giant Goldman Sachs is reportedly planning to enter the crypto industry soon by offering custody services, according to an inside source.

YouTuber Ali Spagnola Accidentally Turned $50 in Bitcoin Into $39,000

YouTube artist and musician Ali Spagnola says she became “accidentally bitcoin rich” after forgetting about $50 BTC donation made in 2013.

Ripple Opens New Remittance Corridor Between Malaysia and Bangladesh

Blockchain payments enterprise Ripple has announced a new partnership with Mobile Money to provide a digital remittance corridor between Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Crypto Influencer Names Top Three Crypto Picks To Explode Next Month

Altcoin Daily host Austin Arnold gave his top three crypto picks set to explode next month following recent announcements.

San Francisco Bitcoiner Has Two Guesses Left Before Wallet Encrypts $240M in BTC Forever

A San Francisco-based programmer has two guesses remaining to access his digital wallet containing 7,000 BTC before the funds are encrypted and lost for good.

Ripple CTO Gets Into Twitter Debate Over XRP’s Use Case

Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz got into a Twitter debate with Venture Coinist founder Luke Martin over the utility of XRP and whether it was superior to stablecoins.

Bitcoin Price Could Hit $100,000 by 2022, Says Early BTC Miner

Early bitcoin miner and market analyst David Zeiler predicts BTC’s price tripling by the end of 2021 to reach $100,000 next year.

Crypto Influencer Gives Top Altcoin Picks to Benefit From Hype Cycle

Chico Crypto host Tyler Swope gave his list of top ten altcoins that could beneft from current market hype, including a series of projects using the layer-two zk rollup solution.

Bitcoin Whales Keep Buying as BTC Drops, Analysis Shows

New market data shows whale addresses containing more than 1,000 BTC have continued to accumulate bitcoin despite the most recent correction.

Crypto Analyst Willy Woo Says Bitcoin Could Flip Gold’s Market Cap in 2021

Bitcoin supporter and market analyst Willy Woo says bitcoin could flip gold’s market capitalization and become the primary financial hedge by the end of 2021.

Popular Trader Gives Top Altcoin Picks to Go Exponential in 2021

Popular crypto trader Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong gave his list of top altcoins that had the potential to go exponential in 2021, highlighting VeChain (VET) as his most bullish asset.

Bitcoin Whale Moves $500 Million Following BTC Price Surge to $40,000

A bitcoin whale transferred 12,598 BTC, worth roughly $500 million, in three anonymous transactions as the coin’s price surged above $40k.

Bitcoin Bull Max Keiser Predicts BTC Will Hit $220,000 This Year

Crypto strategist and bitcoin bull Max Keiser says bitcoin will continue it’s rally in 2021 to above $200k, pointing to a collapse in global economies and central banks.

XRP Supporters’ Petition to the White House Hits 36,000 Signatures

A White House petition has generated more than 36,000 signatures asking the federal government to consider XRP as a currency.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer Treats Bitcoin Like a Stock, Warns BTC Entered Speculative Territory

Mad Money host and financial guru Jim Cramer says he is treating bitcoin like stock and plans to hold on to his investment minus cost basis.

Popular Crypto Analyst Points to ‘Dark Horse’ Altcoin Pick Set to Take Off in 2021

Popular crypto trader Lark Davis said he is bullish on the smart contract platform Elrond (EGLD), calling it his “dark horse” altcoin pick for 2021.

Popular Strategist Michaël van de Poppe Gives Bitcoin Prediction, Top Crypto Picks for 2021

Veteran trader and crypto strategist Michaël van de Poppe gave his prediction for bitcoin’s short-term price movement while also sharing his top picks for 2021.

Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal’s Crypto Predictions for 2021: DeFi, CBDCs and More

Bitcoin bull and Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal gave his predictions for crypto in 2021, saying DeFi would play a prominent role.

Strategist Van de Poppe Gives Bitcoin Price Outlook for 2021, Predicts Market Top Years Away

Veteran crypto trader Michaël van de Poppe says bitcoin’s price top is still years away, predicting the asset could reach $200 – $300k from the current cycle in 2022.

Ripple Exec Says SEC Laws Are ‘Vague,’ Will Not Shut the Door on Future Projects

Ripple CTO David Schwartz called US laws ‘vague’ in regards to crypto assets and said his company was simply attempting to understand the regulatory parameters rather than conducting illegal business.

Veteran Crypto Trader Reveals Top Assets He’s Watching in 2021

Veteran crypto trader and DataDash founder Nicholas Merten gave his top assets for 2021, including Ethereum and Ampleforth.

Grayscale Did Not Unload 9 Million XRP Amidst Ongoing Ripple Lawsuit

Grayscale Investments LLC has dumped more than 9 million XRP following the bombshell lawsuit brought against parent company Ripple by the SEC.

Binance’s $10M Endorsement Leads to 90% Surge For Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot (DOT) surged more than 90 percent in one week following a $10M endorsement and front page listing from leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

NFL Lineman Russell Okung Isn’t Getting Paid in Bitcoin

NFL offensive lineman Russell Okung has become the first professional football player to be paid in bitcoin after using Zap’s Strike product to convert 50 percent of his paycheck into BTC.

Popular Crypto Influencer Updates Followers On Potentially Massive Airdrops

Crypto influencer Tyler Swope has provided his top ten list of platforms that could potentially airdrop tokens in the future, rivaling that of Uniswap’s massively successful coin drop.

Bitcoin on Track to Hit $300,000 in 2021, Says Crypto Analyst Tone Vays

Popular trader and industry analyst Tone Vays says bitcoin is on track to reach $300k in 2021, while calling a $100k price point in the near future ‘overly conservative.’

Biden Administration to Crack Down on Crypto ‘Criminal Cesspool’, Says Nouriel Roubini

NYU Stern School of Business Nouriel “Dr. Doom” Roubini says President-elect Joe Biden and his administration will crackdown on the’criminal cesspool’ created by the industry of cryptocurrency.

Van de Poppe Predicts Bitcoin Reaching $40,000, Altcoins Turning Bullish

Veteran crypto trader Michaël van de Poppe predicts bitcoin reaching $40k in the near-term while saying altcoins are beginning to wake up to the bull market.

Popular Crypto Analyst Gives List of Top Altcoins Following Correction

Popular crypto trader and analyst Smart Contracter gave his list of top altcoins after correctly predicting the market would undergo a correction following bitcoin’s last all-time high.

Multiple Investment Firms Cutting Ties With XRP: Report

Investment firms Galaxy Digital and Jump Trading have cut ties with XRP following the $1.3 billion lawsuit levied against parent company Ripple by the SEC.

English Singer Lily Allen Turned Down Bitcoin in 2009 Worth $4.7 Billion Today

English singer and songwriter Lily Allen turned down a gig in 2009 that would have paid her 200,000 bitcoin, worth more than $4.7 billion today.

IBC Chairman Khurram Shroff Predicts Crypto Replacing Bullion

IBC Chairman Khurram Shroff says cryptocurrencies will replace bullion in the future after the pandemic exposed the lack of transparency in physical good marketplaces.

Crypto Strategist: Bitcoin Reaching Critical Price Juncture, ETH Due for Pullback

Popular crypto trader and analyst Michaël van de Poppe says bitcoin has reached a critical price juncture while predicting the price of ethereum would undergo a retracement.

Investors Are Underestimating Demand for Bitcoin’s Limited Supply, Says Glassnode CTO

Glassnode CTO Rafael Schultze-Kraft says investors are severely underestimating the demand for bitcoin’s limited supply, which has been reduced further by lost coins and accumulation-only wallets.

Crypto Analyst Willy Woo Says Bitcoin Price Reaching $1 Million Possible

Bitcoin on-chain analyst Will Woo says BTC reaching $1 million is a possibility, while calling $100,000 a “very conservative” price point following the latest bull run.

Previous Bitcoin Doubter Asks if Now Is the Time to Buy BTC

Former bitcoin doubter and prolific angel investor Jason Calacanis recanted a previous tweet indicating that bitcoin was more likely than not to fall to zero and all but early adopters “suckers” at the table.

Early Bitcoiner Would Have Been a Billionaire if He Hadn’t Sold Out in 2012

Early bitcoin adopter and former developer Martti Malmi says he regrets selling more than 55k bitcoin before 2012, which would have made him a billionaire at today’s prices.

Crypto User Loses $50,000 After Making Smart Contract Error

An unfortunate crypto user has lost his entire life savings after sending more than $50k in LINK to an unsupported smart contract.

Bitcoin Website Registered by Satoshi Nakamoto Hit With ‘Massive’ DDoS Attack

Bitcoin.org was forced offline for several hours early Saturday morning after the website was hit by a ‘massive” DDoS attack corresponding with a new all-time high.

Goldman Ties Bitcoin’s Meteoric Rise to Key Proxy for Global Growth

Goldman analysts say bitcoin is closely tracking the price of copper, which has been historically viewed as a barometer for global market health.

Popular Crypto Analyst Reveals Top Altcoin Picks to Succeed in 2021

Altcoin Daily host and popular crypto trader Austin Arnold gave his top crypto-asset recommendations for 2021, noting DJ deadmau5’s new NFT as a coin to watch.

Popular Crypto Trader Predicts ETH will Outperform Bitcoin in 2021

Popular crypto trader SalsaTekila says he owns an “uncomfortable” amount of ethereum and predicts ETH will outperform bitcoin in the coming year.

Peter Schiff Denies Companies Selling Gold for Bitcoin

Gold bug and bitcoin opponent Peter Schiff denied reports of companies selling gold for BTC and called out MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor for driving up the price of bitcoin.

Fidelity CEO Says Firm’s Bitcoin Custody Business is ‘Incredibly Successful’

Fidelity Investments CEO Abby Johnson says the company’s bitcoin custody business has been “incredibly successful” and developed a pipeline for investors.

Analyst PlanB Predicts Bitcoin Price Will Rise ’10x or 20x’ in 2021

Bitcoin quantitative analyst PlanB predicts BTC could reach as high as $300k thanks to the coin’s growing scarcity and fixed supply.

Grayscale Investments Adds Another $100 Million in Bitcoin and Ether

The world’s largest crypto asset manager Grayscale Investments added an additional $100 million in ethereum on December 9.

Popular Crypto Trader Lists His Top 10 Assets to Go Mainstream in 2021

Popular cryptocurrency trader and host of Altcoin Daily gave his list of top 10 crypto-assets set to go mainstream in 2021.

Wells Fargo Compares Bitcoin Investing to 19th Century Gold Rush

Banking giant Wells Fargo has compared today’s bitcoin investing to the early days of the 1850’s gold rush, saying the market involves a disproportionate amount of speculation.

DeFi ‘Blue Chips’ Will Experience Bull Run, Says Popular Cryptocurrency Trader

Popular cryptocurrency trader Smart Contracter highlighted five decentralized finance (DeFi) altcoins that would outperform bitcoin in the comings weeks.

Crypto Analyst Recommends Max Gains Portfolio for 2021

Popular cryptocurrency trader Lark Davis has provided an update to his followers on how to build a high-risk, high-reward portfolio for maximum gains in 2021.

Ripple CEO Is Open to the Idea of Using Additional Cryptocurrencies

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse says the payments company is open to the use of crypto-assets other than XRP in markets where the customer would benefit.

Popular Crypt Analyst Says These Three Altcoins Are About to Take Off

Popular crypto trader Tyler Swope gave his top altcoin recommendations for the coming weeks, including Ethereum’s transition to the 2.0 network.

Ripple Co-founder Jed McCaleb Now Unloading His XRP Even Faster

Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb has increased the amount of XRP he is selling from his massive stockpile.  XRP analyst Leonidas Hadjiloizou says that, according to data from the XRP Ledger, McCaleb currently owns around 3.836 billion XRP, and that due to the increasing average daily trading volume of XRP, he is now able to sell […]

Glassnode Metric Points to Bitcoin Potentially Reaching $590,000 on Bull Run

Glassnode says bitcoin’s net unrealized profit/loss (NUPL) index has reached a level that has historically indicated the price will take off to a new order of magnitude.

Crypto Analyst Peter Brandt: Bitcoin’s Bull Run Isn’t Over

Crypto analyst and trader Peter Brandt says bitcoin’s bull run may be far from over after the most recent price correction.

Ripple CTO David Schwartz Is an XRP Whale

Ripple CTO David Schwartz claims to own between one million and ten million XRP, giving him a substantial position in the altcoin.

Investment Firm Cypherpunk Holdings Dumps Altcoins for Bitcoin

Canadian Stock Exchange-listed firm Cypherpunk Holdings sold its entire position in ethereum and monero in order to buy more bitcoin.

Popular Crypto Analyst Provides Update on Top 5 Altcoin Picks

Crypto influencer Lark Davis provided an update on his top five altcoins that are ready to take off at the end of November.

Popular YouTuber Andrei Jikh Invested $100,000 in Bitcoin and Ether

Popular YouTube personality and content creator Andrei Jikh says he has already nearly doubled a $100,000 investment into bitcoin and ethereum.