Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) CEO Charles Hoskinson has promised a massive performance improvement for Cardano (ADA) nodes in the network’s next upgrade. 

Speaking in a YouTube livestream Hoskinson, who founded Cardano and co-founded ethereum, told users the upcoming release of Daedalus 2.2 would occur on August 20. 

According to Hoskinson, the Daedalus wallet  upgrade would coincide with the 1.19 update for Cardano’s network and provide “very significant performance improvements.”

He said:

Some aspects of the software are 100 times faster, and QA is reporting that everything looks pretty good so far.

IOHK, the team behind Cardano’s development, launched Daedalus in April 2020. The software serves as a full-node hierarchical deterministic wallet, which downloads a history of Cardano’s full blockchain and provides greater network security for users. 

Hoskinson said the development team had managed to create substantial enhancements in software in a short amount of time following the launch of Shelley hard fork at the end of last month. 

Hoskinson continued:

I’m still beating the drum of new feature developments so in addition to all this remediation, cleanup and digestion, which is what we anticipated for August, we’re really getting excited about September.

According to data compiled by ADA Pools, Cardano users have created 1,042 pools since the launch of Shelley with more than 13.05 billion ADA being staked. 

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