UK-based cryptocurrency exchange Uphold is celebrating $5 billion in trading with 15 new coin listings and is rewarding users who are able to correctly guess the altcoin additions. 

Uphold Adding 15 New Coins

As of Aug. 28, the platform will be rolling out 15 new tokens on the exchange and is encouraging users to guess the new additions. Uphold previously offered only eight cryptoassets for trading. 

According the announcement published on their ‘Summer Crypto Giveaway,’ page, the exchange plans to add one new token each day for the next two weeks which represent some of the “most exciting projects in the blockchain industry.”

The first ten users who can correctly guess the new coin addition are awarded $50 worth of free crypto. 

TRON has already been confirmed as the first new currency added to the exchange

In addition to the listing, Uphold also reports celebrating the milestone in trading by offering users 24-hours of zero exchange fees on TRX. Some of the exchange’s unveilings come with hints for users to guess.