Wall Street giant Jump Trading has been quietly buying up several small-cap cryptoassets in order to build a $75 million portfolio. 

According to a tweet by Messari researcher Mason Nystrom, Jump Trading has been accumulating cryptoassets en route to compiling a crypto portfolio worth more than $75 million. Jump Trading is a trading firm that specializes in algorithmic and high-frequency trades with more than 700 employees worldwide. 

Nystrom says the firm is now the eighth-largest holder of COMP tokens, buying 47,000 COMP over the past week. The firm has also made substantial investments into serum with more than 40 million SRM ($32 million) in its portfolio. 

Nystrom linked to the analytics platform Nansen, which identifies owners of ethereum addresses, including Jump Trading, and monitoring their investment activity. 

In a subsequent tweet, the Messari researcher also found that Jump Trading held investments in a series of large-cap crypto-assets, including bitcoin, ethereum, and binance coin. 

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com