The TRON Foundation has issued an apology following a social media post claiming the platform had more than ten billion users. 

In a series of tweets published September 20, the TRON Foundation apologized for circulating an update claiming the platform’s network had more users than the world’s total population. The original message circulated on Twitter translated into English as “TRON Users exceeded 10B.”

According to the corrected update, TRON official statistics show the platform has more than ten million users as of Septmeber 19. The staff member responsible for the tweet erroneously typed billion, which was subsequently published to founder Justin Sun and TRON’s official Twitter. 

The TRON Foundation sincerely apologized for the error and ensuing confusion created in the crypto community. The platform said it intended to set higher standards going forward, especially during a time when the blockchain industry is under the “global spotlight.” 

Despite the rare apology, TRON and founder Justin Sun have been criticized in the past for using marketing hype to drive attention to the altcoin. 

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