Popular Twitter trader and market commentator Peter Brandt issued the prediction that the world will not return to a gold standard or rely upon cryptocurrencies in the future. 

In a series of tweets made July 22, Brandt claimed the world would not return to a gold standard, despite concerns over government quantitative easing and fiat inflation.  Brandt speculated governments could adopt special drawing rights (SDRs) based upon a basket of fiat currencies and assets. 

However, the popular commentator made it clear that cryptos would not be apart of an SDR global reserve unit. 

Brandt, who correclt called 2017’s year-long bear market and over 80% price correction, predicted the global monetary system would be forced to evolve past paper fiat in the long-term. He also claimed governments would be forced to deflate the dollar over the next decade or two as a way out of debt while referring to cryptocurrencies as “pet rocks.” 

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com