China’s state-backed Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) has released the 14th iteration of its global public blockchain index, putting TRON’s TRX at number two and EOS at the helm. 

According to the updated index, EOS has retained its top-ranking spot, ranking first in the “basic-tech” category and posting strong numbers for applicability and creativity. Bitcoin also remained unchanged in the most recent update, holding in the eleventh position for the 35 blockchain projects listed. 

TRON had the most surprising position change in the report, dislodging Ethereum for the second overall spot. TRON’s TRX-based network ranked the highest of all the projects in “applicability,” while also ranking second in the “basic-tech” category. The CCID gave the project lower markings in “creativity,” but enough to give tron the second-highest total index.  

The CCID’s report follows on the heels of tron-founder Justin Sun announcing that the project is partnering with an unnamed $100 billion company. 

While ETH slipped out of the top two positions, the coin was still ranked number three overall. 

XRP experienced one of the largest jumps for all major coin projects, up from the thirtieth position in the last update to the twentieth overall.

Featured image by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash.