BitTorrent has officially launched the mainnet for its BTFS protocol which will allow for decentralized file sharing.

BitTorrent Mainnet Launch

According to a blog post published Oct. 1, BitTorrent File System (BTFS) seeks to become the “world’s largest and first scalable decentralized storage system.” In preparation for the launch of its mainnet, BitTorrent has released new features for the protocol in addition to activating more than 3,000 new nodes. 

Among the new features added in the launch is the ability for users to import an existing TRON private key, seed phrase or generate a seed phrase to initialize BTFS nodes “in a secure and convenient way.” Following the key’s generation, users are then able to upload, transfer or download files. 

BTFS outlined the advantages of using its protocols over a competitor platform such as EOS, citing lower prices and increased reliability, 

Unlike other platforms like EOS where storing 1 MB data might cost over $150, it’s very cheap to store files on BTFS, which significantly lowers the storage and maintenance cost.

The press release calls the launch a “new starting point” for the decentralized filesharing protocol and a “big step” towards integration into the existing BitTorrent ecosystem, which constitutes the world’s largest P2P network. 

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